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Poem about walking in the rain.
The rain makes strange patterns on the sidewalk,
Splashing down here and there,
Until the dots run together like giraffiti,
And the clouds open up and cover this art.

People disappear, magically, from the sidewalk,
When it rains;
And they stare at you, evilly,
As they huddle under eaves and porches.

Wondering why you walk in the rain
With a smile on your face.
Why you let your hair down
And shake it out so; why you wander

In places they cannot understand,
Though you but walk in the downpour,
And lift your face to the rain,
And smile as you do so.

I cannot explain to someone so blind,
Cannot clarify to people so deaf,
As those that fear the rain
And smoke their cigarettes in forbidden territory,

What it feels like to walk in the rain,
With the water running down your face,
And trickling under your hair,
And washing away unhappy feelings,

You never knew you had.
To have the rain chase away all those
Who are too worried about getting wet
To take time to dance in the downpour,

And to learn how it feels.
To dance in the rain,
All alone and unafraid,
Of what the future brings.

And so I walk in the rain
And smile as I do so,
And let down my hair
And shake it out so.
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