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This is part of a novel i am working on. Please excuse the UK spelling -
It wasn't just for autographs either. Just today the owner of the accounting firm she worked for had made some very indecent suggestions about her acting out a Nicole fantasy for him. He was doing one of his occasional visits. In the time Amanda had been there she had seen him drop in under the auspices of keeping in touch with his employees. Some women might find him attractive to look at but he had this sort of look that made her think she was being mentally undressed. In fact, he seemed to undress all the women he looked at. There he was surrounded by the entourage walking through her department. At that moment they seem to stop as her boss pointed something out to him. Was it just her or was he staring directly at her with that sleazy look of his.

“Lets have lunch” he interrupted still looking in her direction. This stopped her boss mid sentence.

“Of course, how remiss of me, you must be famished” he said almost apologising. Amanda for a moment thought he was addressing the comment to her and was relieved to find out he wasn’t. she was just as relieved to see the whole bunch depart down the department heading for the conference room. But not before she saw the owner turn round and look at her with a wink. What a sleaze bucket she thought but returned to the file she was working on. She really needed to get this finished with today and was quite willing to work through her lunch to do it. 

“that’s what I like to see” a voice said behind her as she was looking for a file in the cabinet. “One of my employees so conscientious about their work they forget its lunchtime”. Amanda looked over her shoulder to see her undresser looking her up and down.

“well! If it has to be done” she said, “I am more than willing to get it done” as she picked up the file she was looking for and returned to her work station. “Is that your attitude to everything? Or are you just trying to impress the boss?” he asked with a slight smirk that made Amanda cringe inside.

“Most things” she replied trying to be polite with the guy who paid her bills so to speak. “but in the right context” she added in case she sounded too flippant. I wish he would just leave she thought. There was something about him that made you feel dirty whenever he spoke to you. In fact there was a rumour that that couple of women in his various companies had quit after he paid them some – interest.

Her reverie was broken by hearing him say, “well! Better leave you to it. Don’t like to disturb someone on a mission like you are”. With that he walked away. Thank God for that was her only thought.

Amanda was so involved with what she was doing that her colleague had to almost shout to get her attention. “Sorry, she said, but they are asking for you in the conference room”. Why! Was the question Amanda asked herself. As far as she knew this was a high flyers meeting with the owner to discuss the way forward. What could she possibly add to it. She wasn’t exactly a high flyer. Just a run of the mill accountant with responsibility for credit control.

“Amanda, so glad you could make time to come along” was how her manager had acknowledged her appearance. She quickly scanned the room. There was her manager, the owner of the company, a few senior managers, and a woman sitting beside the owner who would have looked more at home in the fashion pages of a magazine. Long blonde hair that she seemed to flick back every few seconds, a white blouse that seemed to have one button open too many in Amanda’s view, a short skirt. She sat with her legs crossed almost facing the owner. Not that he was paying much attention. Or so she thought as she noticed that her leg was being stroked by him higher and higher with every movement.

Even though her presence was announced not one of them looked in her direction, except - Bimbo! Was Amanda’s last thought before she was brought back to the moment by the owner speaking to her.  “so you managed to drag yourself away from that file then?” was his opening remark as he looked over towards her. Is he undressing me again she thought just as she heard him saying, “can you gentlemen – and lady – excuse us for a moment I wish to discuss something with Nic- I mean Amanda in private”.

Slowly, they all vacated their seats, collecting what papers they had in front of them and left. Not one of them gave Amanda any eye contact. Almost as if they either resented her presence or they knew what was coming next. All except bimbo who smiled as she passed her, she even touched her arm in some sort of demonstration of comfort. “good luck” was her parting comment. What a weird thing to say Amanda thought just as she was invited to take a seat. She sat in the first available seat she could see which was at the far end of the table.

“no, come closer, I don’t want to have to shout – besides they are all probably listening at the door” her only partner in the room said with a smile. With the invitation Amanda left her seat and moved forward towards him inwardly negotiating what would be a reasonable position to take up. One seat away, two seats away? But the decision was taken from her when the chair next to him was pushed out. Amanda took her seat and turned her head towards her employer still not sure why she had received this summons to his presence.

“Amanda, has anyone told you  look like a famous film star?” he opened the conversation with. “yes” she replied, many times and it was getting annoying at times she said to herself. There is that look again she thought. Bet he has me down to my underwear by now. “well! Amanda” he started again, “the reason I have asked you to join me here is, as you know” he said looking down at the paper in front of him, “we are going through a reorganisation within all my companies and we are always on the lookout for good and ambitious people”. Only at this point did he look Amanda in the face and said, “are you an ambitious and company person?” Amanda felt her stomach churn at the way he said it. As she thought of how to answer he asked “well, are you? What would you do to further your career?” he had almost a lecherous look in his eyes. This made her look away, in fact she wanted to run from that room and all the way out of the building. While looking in the other direction she felt him touch her hand. Not in a threatening way but it still made her afraid. It rooted her to the spot. She couldn’t move even if she wanted too.

“what do you mean by that?” she questioned him as she debated whether she was being paranoid about his motives.

“It means whatever you want it to mean” he said with a slight grin. “I am in a position to make you an offer that will change your life forever – if you’re ambitious enough to accept it” only then did he let her hand go and sit back as if surveying the scene, better still, her reaction to what he had just said. Amanda put her paranoid thoughts to the back of her mind and moved into professional mode and stated, “of course I want my career to go as far as it can and, I suppose, I am ambitious and a company girl.” But at the same time trying to figure this man out. What was he offering her?

“Do you realise the more I look at you the more I see how like Nicole Bonham you are” he interrupted Amanda’s thoughts. “I have always thought she was one of the most sexiest women alive. Unfortunately even with all the money I have she is not for sale” he added with a leer.

So that’s what this all about Amanda deducted. He wants to make me an offer because I look like a famous film star. And a soft porn one at that. “so,  what is the offer then?” she asked trying not to sound confrontational.

“As I said, we are reorganising, this is what the meeting was about today, and I would like to create a place for you. A somewhat.. unusual position.” He looked at her as if waiting for some sort of response. “go on” she said. Waiting.

“as I said it is a somewhat unusual position within the corporate framework but one you would be compensated for tenfold.” He took a breath and continued. “it will be unusual in the way that you will be at my beck and call for all matters both professionally and…” he once again paused waiting for a reaction … “personally” he concluded.

Amanda stared at him as if waiting for some sort of explanation but nothing more was said. She knew in her heart of hearts this was more than a employer – employee sort of offer but she wanted him to be more precise about it. She stayed silent and waited never losing eye contact.

“so! Are we agreed in principal?” he questioned.

“That depends” she offered. Still wanting a more precise idea what her duties would be. “lets say, I agree to the unusual position” she said with a note of sarcasm “and I accept, what would you be expecting me to do, right now for instance?” she still looked into his eyes looking for some sort of tell tale sign. This was a man who played his cards close to his chest.

He said nothing. Just smiled and looked down towards his now hardening manhood. “what would you like to do” he threw back at Amanda “taking into account I have just offered to increase your salary by ten” said in such a way that there was no denying this was the carrot that anyone with any sense would accept.

“well to be frank, I would like to return to my desk to carry on with my work as we seem to be talking in circles. You asked me here to offer me a job but you haven’t told me what it is.” She paused for effect and continued, “and until you can tell me what you expect me to do on a daily basis then I can’t decide one way or another” with that she turned and headed for the door.

Before she reached the door she heard his chair move and him follow her. Just as she reached the door and opened it he placed his hand on it to push it closed again. This forced Amanda to turn around to see him closer than she would have liked. She could smell his after shave. In fact, she could even smell his arousal. For the first time she felt scared.

With his hand still on the door and trapping her he said, “come on sweety, we both know what I would expect you to do. What I would be paying you a big salary for so lets not mess around with verbal duelling”. He said quietly with a sense of lust  and threat in his voice.

So there it was, Amanda thought, he wants a plaything. Not a good accountant. Someone who would satisfy his sexual urges whenever he wanted. Sorry she said to herself but you have the wrong girl. Looking into his eyes she said, just as quietly, “in that case, thank you for considering me but I am afraid I will have to decline”. With that she turned and left the conference room and walked straight to her desk. Conscious that he was watching every step. As she passed ’bimbo’ she placed a bit of paper in her hand which she held tight as she continued her short journey.

Only when she sat at her desk did Amanda read the note, ‘Don’t trust him – leave -NOW’ is all it said. Was ‘bimbo’ trying to tell her something? Only when she looked up she could see bimbo looking straight at her and she could make out a very slight shake of the head. Amanda was being warned and by a woman she had labelled a bimbo. If she had warned her and felt that way, what was she still doing with him? She thought, I don’t think it is just for the money she continued. He must have something over her.  Feeling sorry for instantly forming a not so complementary opinion when she say her Amanda mouthed ‘Sorry’ towards her. Only after she did this did she see who was standing at the conference door, who had assumed the apology was for him. Blain Fury, her employer. Amanda could swear that she saw a smirk as he turned back into the conference room.

For the rest of the day Amanda was on tender hooks every time she heard footsteps around her desk. Constantly thinking that either it was security to escort her from the premises or Blain coming to ask her to reconsider his offer which he had done three times already. She was getting a little annoyed at his sure you won’t reconsider comments.  Her colleagues couldn’t believe she had turned down a job with more money. Little did they know what she was expected to do. She couldn’t. in fact just the thought of it made her feel dirty. I need a long shower when I get home she thought.

Just before finishing time Amanda was aware of someone at her desk. She was about to lose her cool when she saw ‘bimbo’ looking down at her. She had another note for her that she pushed to her. “sorry” was all she said and left without a second look. Amanda knew this was it, this was her get out of my building note. She slowly opened it and read. ‘before you leave please drop by the conference room – Blain’. So he wants to sack me in person then and walked towards the conference room.

How wrong she had been. He didn’t sack her, he offered her more money, asked her to reconsider. She had tried to discourage him nicely but he had persisted, a rich boy used to getting what he wanted and she had finally told him where to go in the sort of terms used in Andy's panel shop. He was left, shocked, as he picked up the telephone, leaving  Amanda  wondering how long she would have her job. After all the events of the day Amanda needed to hear a caring voice so she picked up the telephone to call Andy. “Hi is Andy there” she asked when Eric answered the telephone.

“Sorry! Amanda” he said “you have just missed him he said he was going to pick up a surprise for you”

“A surprise? That sounds mysterious” she said, “anyway I’ll see him later, thanks Eric” and with that she hung up. Typical of my husband she thought. when I think I know him he does something out of the blue. Home time she thought and picked up her bag and coat and headed for the door.

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