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When all that keeps you moving is grief....
My heart provides the rhythm
For a depth of grief,
Which threatens to turn the sun dark.

The beating, the beating, the beating,
A march for the soldier in my mind,
Who knows with all certainty
The fate of her heart.

Left, Right, Left, Right,
Beating, always beating.

Lead me on, ever deeper, oh Heart,
Into that grief of my soul.
It calls me away,
Into the Land of Nod.
Into that place where all shadows dwell.

Far away from this twilight,
And beyond midnight as well,
The Sun still shines.
He waits for me patiently.
He knows I will return to the light,
For he is my guide.

For now, my place is here,
With Sister Grief,
In the womb of our Mother.

Patience with the grief,
Patience for its process,
Patience with the transformation which germinates
In the dark.

So grow, Darkness,
Swallow my heart,
Muffle its beating until
Peace is mine,
Peace in the Night,
Peace in the Grief.

My grief, a cocoon.
Transformation will occur,
Leaving me with Peace.
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