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We had the best night of romance than anyone could ever imagine...
My baby was coming home tonight, and lately, I hadn’t done anything spontaneous and romantic. My brain was shot from working a lot, but now that the weekend was here, things were going to be different this time. I’d gotten a few things from the store to help make tonight one of his best nights. And I’d just finished cooking dinner, so I wrapped it up and set it in the warmer. I had to head out to the airport to get him, so I left right away!

The whole drive was exciting, millions of thoughts running through my head! I hadn’t seen him in months and I’d know he’d be very happy to see me. I finally arrived at the airport and parked, walking into the terminal. I walked around for a bit, looking for Gate 29. I eventually found it, and no one had come out yet. I stood patiently, waiting for the door to open. And then I began to smile as the PA announced that the plane had just landed in the gate, and that the passengers would be out shortly. The door finally opened and it took seconds before our eyes locked. I locked onto him like we were magnets, my body instantly stuck to his as he held me close. I let out an excited yelp as he kissed me. I couldn’t hear any outside sounds, just music in my head. He put me down on my feet, unlocking lips very slowly.

“Hey babe.” He said, smiling.

“Hey to you. I’m so glad to see you!”
“I could see that…you hopped 10 feet in the air…luckily I caught you before you went through the ceiling!” he joked. I lightly punched his arm, blushing.

“Brian…I did not jump that high! I can’t help it if I couldn’t wait to see you!”
“Its okay babe, I like it. I love it. I love you.” He said, hugging me. I giggled, absolutely loving the way he held me.

“I love you too.” I said and he kissed me again. “I have dinner waiting, let’s go.”

We got out of the terminal and I started walking ahead of him. When I noticed that, I turned to look at him. He was smiling, giving me that, ‘I’m going to tear you up when we get home’ look. I gave him a sexy grin, my body fluttering and my mind exploding with new thoughts. And now that I think of it, dinner can wait! We got to the car and put his stuff in the back, and just as I let the trunk down, his arms wrapped around me.

“Damn baby…you smell so good…you’re trying to kill me!”
“Oh no baby, I would never try to do that! I always wear this…”
“And that would explain why you never got outside of the house…” he said, kissing my neck. Letting out a little sigh, I thought about how true that was. I never noticed how much he liked my perfume…and I really never left the house around him, let alone the bedroom… “And once we do get home, you won’t see much of it then either…”

“Ah, sounds good. Sounds really good!” I gasped, now aching inside. He took the keys and we got in the car, basically flying back to the house. Thank god the police didn’t spot us! He pulled into the driveway, and we brought his stuff inside. I made my way into the kitchen, turning the warmer off and pulling the food out, just in case dinner would come first. And just as I walked back into the bedroom, I found that not to be the case…

“Oh my…” I said as I found him posed suggestively on the bed, wearing nothing but a sexy smile. Instantly, my body started to get prickly and hot and I wanted to hop on the bed. But I remained, wanting to drink this in for a moment.

“Come on over, babe.” He said, his deep tone making me shiver again. I licked my lips, seeing that erection just waiting for me…gosh, I missed this so bad…

I started to walk over to the bed, slowly taking off my shirt and tossing my hair with it. Winking at him, he grinned and I undid my bra. Letting that fall to the floor, I stepped over to the dresser and unbuttoned my jeans. Pushing those down to the floor, I kicked them aside and turned my back to him, hoping he was getting a good look at my nice ass in his favorite black lace thong. I decided that this, I would let him take off. Looking back at him, I spanked my cheek and moaned, knowing that he would like that. He bit his lip as I swayed over to the bed and straddled him. I leaned down, kissing him softly, feeling his arms around me and him putting me on my back. Kissing me deep and intensely, his hands were all over my body and my skin was on fire!

“Such a sexy lady…you might not make it out of this bed for a while.” He deeply said, kissing down my neck and groaning. I loved the vibrations all over my body, making me shiver and shudder with such sweet passion. The ache deep in my walls had become more intense; making me moan and gasp with each time he kissed and touched me. He pulled that thong down quickly, pulling my legs apart and diving in. I threw my head back, my hands massaging his head and moving up my stomach to my breasts, kneading my tender nipples between my fingers. His tongue went deeper, his finger gently rubbing my clit. My hands were now running through my hair, my mouth agape and my hips pushing to his tongue. It didn’t take much longer before electricity shot to my spine, my moans and sighs loud and my body not nearly as spent as it should be. I felt him sliding up my shaken body, kissing all the way up to my lips. I started up once again as he continued to rub my clit.

“You want me deep inside you?”
“Ooh, yes baby, please…”
“You want me to sex you until you can’t take it anymore?”
“Ohh, yess…” I moaned. He took my hands and pressed them on the bed above my head. Just as he positioned himself inside, he looked at me. I loved his bright blue eyes, and now they were dark, like rich sapphires. They made me melt and I could cry right now from the beauty of it all.

“I love you baby.”
“I love you too…” I replied, and he sheathed himself deep inside of me. He didn’t have to move much for me to moan constantly. He felt huge and I couldn’t get enough, bringing my legs around him. He captured my lips once more, beginning to move in and out slow and deep. My hips reacted, moving in time with his, gasps escaping my lips. He now groaned in the crook of my neck, his tongue tracing my collarbone and kisses following. Our hands still locked together, I began to tighten my grip as he went faster and harder, bringing me non-stop ecstasy over and over again.

He sat up, bringing me onto his lap and deep inside once more, we began to move. My arms were around his shoulders and neck, my fingernails raking his back as we rocked together. I cradled his head to my chest, kissing his forehead and moaning his name. I was caught in the ultimate erotica, the immense pleasure building up very fast inside. He looked up at me and we locked eyes, feeling that burning lust take us to a new level. As he kissed me, that tension finally released, my lungs burning for air and my walls clenching around him. At that moment, he groaned loudly, his hands tight around my hips. I threw my head up towards the ceiling, my hold on him even tighter as he thrust harder and lost himself deep inside my body. A faint shiver and his deep shuddering ended that blissful moment. Kissing up my neck slowly, he found his way to my lips. It was at this point that I realized just how much I loved this man. It was so real, so beautiful, and so true that I began to tear up. He wiped my tears away with his fingers and gave me a sweet kiss.

“Damn baby, you’re so good that you made me cry.” I whispered with a little giggle. He grinned and kissed me once more. He lay back on the bed and held me in his arms, the moment of bliss being far from short-lived.
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