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Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Drama · #1325236
Warning: very intense. Rumored to hold clues to the whereabouts of Lisa Lansing
Warning: This is an excerpt from Trinity Lost - Part Four of The Diaries of Lisa Lansing. It is not for children and I ask that you please monitor this closely.

Written just before Lisa Lansing is discovered missing at the age of twenty-one, the following poem reflects back to when she was twelve-years-old. But it is far more than just a memory. Based on other writings to be presented as evidence later, investigators have concluded that, embedded within the poem, there are several clues regarding her fate and her captor.

Across The Universe


Lisa Lansing

There is a darkness in this room,
one of emptiness, foreboding, of doom.
Silence shivers into sound,
a creak down the hall, rattles all around.

Holding steady, arms wrapped tight,
I close my eyes, and think of a light
far away, away from here,
a place of comfort, one without fear.

He reaches for me, grabs my hands,
then pulls me to him with disgusting demands.
He shakes me then unsnaps me.
Again and again he drools as he slaps me.
I recoil from his touch.
His stench, his breath are just too much.
I scream, "Please don't, I'll do anything."
He stops, then sneers, lingering.

Can ever I leave this dark place?
I hold my hands over my face.
The demon from the door hisses my name,
this beast, this shadow, this shame.

From above comes a single
awful blow, and confusion mingles
with words obscene, spewed with hate,
'til his image fades to a darkened state.

I awake to feel the pain between
my legs, my heart; inside I scream.
I am lost; it is worse,
my mind moves fast across the universe.

I seek a place so bright
where all that I am becomes a light.
No pain, no sorrow, no fear.
Perhaps there is warmth and safety here.

Then, behind and below
a body that's me, in a dark hole of woe,
whimpers and cries
as the demon shreds, with the wildest of eyes.

The body that's me,
battered and beaten, struggling to breathe,
lies still in a shade
of malice, of evil, wishing it would fade.

He says at the door,
"Clean yourself up, you filthy whore."
Bored, without a word
he slithers away silent, unheard.

Swollen and pale,
the body that's me is lifeless and frail.
Empty are her eyes
until I return to face her cries.

The light is gone, spirit broken.
I ache, I bleed, but leave pain unspoken
when upon next day's sun
he begs, "Forgive me for what I've done."

Can ever I leave this dark place?
I hide my shame, my marks, my face,
and wonder if I can abide this curse,
where my only escape is across the universe.

Graveyard Universe

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