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28 lines: A poem
Neither glorify the shark toothed canines
Nor worship the Herculean strength
These monsters prey upon your kind
Make no mistake they go the length

To procure hearty fresh red wines
That you and you and you would miss
And those cursed by their touch would blind
You to take another's life with a kiss

They see no evil in what confines
And condemns them to roam the night
In darkness, in shade, they may unwind
Cocooned safely from sunlight

Beware the mist that climbs the vines
Of wolves that howl to a pale moon
Of bats fluttering from behind
Yonder willow trees and black lagoon

Immortality is one of many lines
Of falsehoods dangled like golden lures
Mangled and tangled and intertwined
Don't believe its gory promised cures

Stakes or staves ground from oaks or pines
Blessed by water or silver tipped
Either weapon would stop their kind
Sunlight and fire would ash be stripped

Just remember that a vampire dines
On what courses through your beating heart
Juiced dry to a shell of human rind
Is it worth your skin your life to part?

7 Day Poetry Challenge!  (13+)
2009 CLOSED! See you in 2010...
#1314430 by Acme

Day 1 - Prompt: Vampire! but, DON'T use the word blood
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