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by Nina
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this is a crazy story of a lil camp skit! read it! it involves bananas!
You are sitting in the audience of a theatre, excited. You are about to see all the camp skits for your friends school! Lets skip to their skit! As the lights come on, one girl, lets call her Marina, runs on saying "This is the introduction". Her friend, lets call her Kate, Runs on, saying the same thing, but louder, "THIS IS THE INTRODUCTION!" They run off stage and from the back of the room, runs in your friend, lets call her Nina. As Nina runs down she calls out loudly, "Hi everybody! Welcome to America Idol! I`m your Host, the Judge!" All the audience laughs and Nina sits down. She suddenly screams "NEXT!" And Kate runs in. Nina asks "What will you be signing for us today?" Kate ignores her, and starts signing a song you dont reconise! The funny thing is, Kate has a CD and shes lip synching! Because Kate is so "involved" in her singing, Nina clla out without her realising, "Super slippery oil, at a pharmacy near you!" She whips out a bottle and pours it at Kates feet. Kate suddendly slips over and Nina acts all nice, Telling her that, "Its ok, you can wait outside!" What a fake! She sits back down and screams "NEXT!" Marina runs on and starts singing a song about having bananas for hands! At the chorus, she whips out 2 bananas and throws them at the audience!!!!!!! Everyone claps and laughs! Its VERY entertaining! Nina the host/judge steps to the middle of the stage and Annonces, "Thanks for watching this weeks episode of America idol,  to vote for Kate, call 111 and ask for Police, and to vote for Marina call 111 and ask for Ambulance! Thank-you and goodnight!" She bows and goes oof stage with Kate, and Marina staggers off by herself, the wrong way! Everyone claps and laughs. It was really awesome!

By Nina
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