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by seeme
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What I see looking at a couple the day of their wedding.
On this incredibly beautiful day, I see a young woman with tears in her eyes.  Her heart is pounding out of her chest and she can't stop trembling.  As she approaches the doorway, she catches a glimpse of him.

The young man seems to have tears in his eyes too.  She can't help but notice how he is shaking like crazy and biting his lip in nervousness.  The young woman walks slowly toward her groom. 

She looks stunning in a long, white, flowing gown and doesn't have one hair out of place.  As she gets closer to the young man, she can't help to notice how charming he looks.  He is very appealing in his white tuxedo, the way his lip trembles gives him that boyish look. 

The young woman (in her own little world) notices the young man looking at her.  They exchange a glimpse smile.  The young man reaches out for the young womans hand.  Hand in hand, they look in each others eyes.  At that very second, they know, there is nothing that can ruin the love they have for one another. 

Today, this handsome groom and beautiful bride will join as one, celebrating the first day of their new life together! ┬ęSRSelf
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