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30 lines: a poem
One night before bed I made a bet with a friend
That on Ole Halrold's grave a whole night I would spend
But I forgot I was going
Until nine hours of showing
Horror movies to myself, with hair standing on end

I did not dare quit for I was a man of my word
Up the hill I marched when along came a bird
That flapped in my face
Forced to whack it with Mace
And spit my guts out when I tasted its turd

The night was still young when I reached Ole Harry
My buddy, ole friend, did not dilly or dally
He left with a bound
Barely making a sound
Promising to return when it wasn't so scary

Alone in the dark with tombstones all around
I started to see things that weren't around
Poltergeists popped by
While the zombies did spy
I chilled at the howl of the Baskervilles hound

I cried to myself 'Oh! Let me live through the night'
A cold hand touched me, a caress so slight
It was Harrold Gambini
Dressed in french bikini
Over a goofy tutu made of hot pink and white

I collapsed out cold from seeing a ghost
Never had I believed and now I can boast
By daybreak I'll leave
Behind All Hallow's Eve
Collect on my bet and drink Ole Harry a toast

7 Day Poetry Challenge!  (13+)
2009 CLOSED! See you in 2010...
#1314430 by Acme

Day 4 - Prompt: getting too scared LIMMERICK time!
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