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I finally met her, but it took more than a year to realize it!
Once, a page was turned,
whether by an intuitive tendril of the soul
or chance wandering

And There! you were-
A fresh page in the book which is my life!

    Once, I looked up at the night sky of my world
    and There! you were
          a star new to the constellations of my soul
    gleaming so brilliantly, that those points which,
    I'd used to guide the ship of my heart
    were no longer perceptible
    as I steered a new course...

                                        Once, I dreamed I was dreaming,
                                        and as I crept within the shadows
                              and sank within the quiescent pools of
                                                                      my possibilities
                                        There!  you were
                                        There!  you were
                                        You were there!
                              And you drew an awareness out from me
                              that had long lain dormant     
                                        and I saw that the shadows
                                        were not areas of darkness,
                              but parcels of myself shaded in doubt.
                                        And I knew the lethargy of my
                              waters was in truth anxiety...
                              And so I turned in my sleep
                              and began walking towards

And There!  you were
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