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Rated: E · Short Story · LGBTQ+ · #1329025
It is about how strange occurance's can bring love in your life.
In the early 60's there was a baby pine tree and behind it there were carpenters building a home. It finally got built in 1963. A family of three moved in on January 3rd, 1964. You have little miss Alexandra who was five years old and then you have her mother named Susie and her life partner Nicolet. They have been together for ten years. You might wonder how then did this five year old girl appear.

Well, Susie fell in love with a man while in love with Nicolet. His name was Alex and they were in love with each other and she even left her fiancé Nicolet for a year and then Alex died of cancer. Mean while she was raising her child on her own, which was then five months old. Nicolet bumped into her where they first met, a small park in Long Island. They talked and updated each other on their life. She also found out that Alex passed away from cancer. Nicolet came into Susie's life again and started where they left off three years ago. They got an apartment in New York, Manhattan. They decided they wanted a peaceful environment for their child and they moved to the suburbs in Long Island, Baldwin harbor.

You might be asking your self now what does this family have to do with a baby pine tree in front of their new home. Well, I will tell you why. Susie when raised in Queens had an obsession with collecting pine tree cones and when felt the need would throw them out her bed room window at the little boys she did not like. Then you have Nicolet who hated pine trees because whenever she would trip she would always fall on a pine tree cone. So when they found this home and there was a pine tree in the front yard they knew it was meant to be to live there. The funniest thing is Susie was walking and picked up a pine tree cone one day while walking in the park and then remembered all the boys she hit with them. She then threw it behind her and she heard someone say, " dame not again"! Susie turned around to see who said it and asked if she was okay. Nicollet replied, “I just got hit with a pine tree cone and this has not happened in a long time, I thought the pine trees forgot about me". She continued to say, “I have a pine tree curse and I thought it was dead until now"! Susie wanted her to explain. So they found a bench and Nicolet went on with the story, which then will soon bring these two ladies together forever.
Nicolet began telling her first experience as a child walking home from school. She said that every time she would walk by this house a pine tree would hit her in the head. Susie of course had the "oh my" puzzled face on and did not interrupt. Nicolet continued with her story, that everyday she went home she would get struck in the head by the pine tree cone. She eventually found a new way to walk home. The way she walked home had all uneven sidewalks. She tripped every so often and fell on a pine tree cone. Eventually she watched what she was doing and stopped tripping on the sidewalk. Every now and then she would step on a cone. In a way it felt good to do this because she hated them for always hurting her. Nicolet was an only child and only spoke when spoken too. She did not have many friends and no one to express her anger too, so stepping on these pinecones made her feel good. Then one day when she went home she noticed that across the street there was a pine cone tree. She wondered why she did not recognize this tree before. She wondered why pine tree's had it in for her. Nicolet really believed there was a pine tree curse in the family. She even asked her mom if their was any curses in the family name, her mom just looked at her like she had 3 heads and said, "No" As Nicolet got older and attended high school their was a pine tree in front of the high school. You probably think, what's so weird about that? Every time she took a math class in high school, it was the same room. There so happens to be a pine tree in front of the window of that room. So all through the four years of attending she would stare off into space at this pine tree and wonder why does this particular tree always end up in my life. As Nicolet went to college there was a pine tree on every corner of this school. She pretty much gave up wondering and stopped dreaming about stupid pine trees.

She would wonder every now and then who was throwing them at her when she was walking home from school. She thought that this person put a curse on her the day it hit her in the head. Niclolet ended with saying," that is why I hate pine trees and how weird it is that I have not been hurt with one in thirteen years and now boom right in my head"! Susie gave her a smirk and replied, “That house you walked passed didn't happen to be on Grand Blvd in Baldwin"? Nicolet eyes got big and said, "Yes"! Susie told her that she only threw them at boys and doesn't remember throwing them at any girls. Susie replied," I had my hair cut like a boy for a long time during my elementary years because my mom did not want me too get lice". Well, as u can imagine their relationship became closer and then eventually intimate. They were together two years and that's when Susie left her for Alex. It might not have been the best route for Susie but then again; you would not have Alexandra. Everything happens for a reason. You can fall in love with more then one person in a lifetime. Susie gave Alex a great end to his life.
So here they were Susie, Nicolet and Alexandra in a brand new home with a pine tree in the front yard. Till this day they have pine tree fights in the front yard and by the way, there was not a pine tree curse after all; it was fate and destiny working in these ladies lives.
So the next time something seems to be creeping into your life over and over again, there just might be a reason for it.
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