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The epic tale of a dog who meets a mortal enemy.
Somewhere out on the edge of town
As evening turned to dusk,
Two eyes sprang open: one blue, one brown,
Alight with the battle lust.

The wolf-like dog was sleek and lean
Her muscles taut and strong;
Her claws were sharp, her senses keen,
Her leap was fleet and long.

She pitched her ear to the battle cry
The enemy’s roar did move her;
She sprang to her feet, never stopped to think why
She must battle the dreaded Hoover.

The machine feinted left, the dog wheeled right
The monster was gaining ground;
On haunches she went to get back in the fight
She pounced, but fell back down.

She slunk down the hall as if to lie low
Then turned, grievous glint in her eye;
With a powerful run did she spring at the foe,
Pulling plug, heard its motor die.

To pain, vict’ry noble savor gives;
She was master of the fight.
But sweet joy can be fickle while enemy lives,
For soon vacuum’s plug was in tight.

The roar of the foe did offend furry ear;
Her mood was becoming dark.
The machine nipped her leg; she was full of fear
And the dog began to bark.

And so it was the battle was lost.
Vacuum snarled its gloating roar;
As mistress her faithful dog double cross’d
And kicked her out the door.

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