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by madiP
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My hands trembled in the dark hospital room....
Chapter 1: news
My hands trembled in the dark hospital room. The news i had just recieved was enough to make me fall into a million pieces. But i didn't, i just sat there scared and alone. I remembered the torn look on my mothers usually warm face when she had heard. Tears streamed down her face as she tried to hold her composure for my sake. Right now she was in another room talking to the doctor. Not long ago we found out i had a brain tumor. I can imagine my life from now on, chemo and treatment. The hospital will be like a second home. From what i have seen on tv segment and told a brain tumor is a rare type of cancer and deadly. Mine is very large and growing. I remember feeling sorry for these kids when i would see them on st. Jude commercials and now i was one of them. My hair had started to fall out and was almost completley gone. i thought about being bald, but right now that was the least of my worries. My head is killing me! I hate this with all of my being. My mom just came in the room. I swear, she is looking more discouged with every passing second. The doctor will be in soon is all she said as i wiped my wet eyes. She opened her mouth to speak, and then the doctor walked in. One thing, he doesn't look very hopeful..............

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