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No one knows what the next moment might bring. Enjoy the gift of life each day.
'What an incredibly stressful day!' Clarice had lost a young patient today due to a blood clot in her lungs. She had to do a hysterectomy on this young woman post abortion. Clarice had tried so hard to get the uterus to contract so the bleeding would stop. The bleeding did stop after surgery, of course. Now the young woman couldn't carry her own pregnancy. Clarice felt extremely bad about the whole procedure because abortion by a qualified professional is usually very safe.

Then the patient developed difficulty breathing followed by chest pain. She was put in Intensive Care after a scan confirmed a pulmonary clot and a Heparin drip was started to dissolve it.

Clarice explained to the patient's family that the blood thinner does not just target the clot so bleeding can begin anywhere. The only other solution was to put a instrument down into the lung and grasp the clot. This clot was not in a position to do that.
While in ICU, the patient had possibly thrown another clot. She went into pulmonary and then cardiac arrest and despite heroic measures to save her, she was now essentially brain dead on a ventilator. Tomorrow a decision would have to be made about taking her off life support and possible organ donation. It was a sad day and thankfully, happened rarely. But to this young lady's family ist was the most awful outcome.

One of the reasons Clarice had chosen Obstetrics and Gynecology was the positive aspects of the speciality.

The joy of delivering babies was following a Mom through her pregnancy and sharing her excitement. She observed the miracle of life several times a day and with each delivery, she was delighted. Complications were usually minor and could be controlled both during pregnancy and with delivery.

Outside the bathroom door, Ginger shouted,
“Hey Mom, something cool happened in our neighborhood. It’s on the news”.

“Okay, babe, give me fifteen minutes,” she replied as her head started to ache. 'Please don’t let this be a migraine'.

She lowered the lights, inhaled the jasmine from her favorite candle, eased herself in the tub and took a sip of merlot.

Marvin Gaye sounded sensual on her stereo. His magnificent voice surrounded her.
She closed her eyes and let the jets work on her aching muscles.

The mix of whirlpool, wine, music, and exhaustion of her body contributed to Clarice not hearing Ginger’s screams.

Her eyes jerked open. She saw evil black eyes, greasy dank hair, and smelled rotten whiskey breath. A rough hand closed over her mouth and she was pulled forcibly from the tub.

The Newton Times

The close community of Newton is hoping John Baker, the alleged violent killer of Dr. Clarice Barton and her young daughter, Susan, is found immediately. The rapist had escaped from the Newton County Jail.

A neighbor reported a man in a prison jumpsuit in the neighborhood about four in the afternoon. His name and photo were shown several times on the local news. Police had been in the area searching for this offender who was being arraigned on Monday for the stabbing and rape of a Marion Jacobs. Ms. Jacobs is in serious condition in White County Medical Center.

The crime scene is described as “brutal” from a veteran detective. Both mother and daughter were raped and stabbed a number of times.

Any information should be reported to the Newton Police Department. The family is offering a reward of ten thousand dollars for pertinent information leading to the capture of this offender.

By Kathie Stehr
Edited 2020
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