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A script I had to write for drama
SCENE 1: School Scene

(Lights come up on a traditional Australian styled classroom. Students of different ages occupy different desks in different parts of the room. An elderly looking teacher walks onto the stage, closely followed by a politely dressed, well groomed young man.)

Teacher: Class, I’d like to introduce someone to you all today. He is a new student to our school, who recently moved from Ireland. I’d like you all to make a special effort to make him feel welcome. But as a special treat, Wolfe has agreed to introduce himself to everyone. Please give him you full attention, and that mean you Jim! (Teacher glares at an unimpressed looking character in the back of the room)

Wolfe: (Slightly taken back) Well, I haven’t got anything formal prepared, but I’ll improvise. My name is Wolfe and I have joined your quant community because my father received an offer at one of your mines. However, where we lived, he could not work, therefore we moved. I’d be delighted to...

Jim: (Tosses a ball of paper at Wolfe) Blah blah blah blah blah (moving his hands like a mouth)

Teacher: JIM! That was not called for, I’d like you to apologise this instant!

Jim: (Rolls his eyes) I’m sorry,

(A bell sounds from off –stage. All the students begin to file out. The lights fade)

SCENE 2: Lunch Time Scene

(The lights come up on table with three rough looking older students. Jim and the other two students look as if they are glaring around the field. Wolfe is seen sitting alone, Jim watches him as Clancey, an attractive senior student walks by, catching
Wolfe’s attention. Jim waits until Clancey has left and approaches Wolfe.)

Jim: I saw you checking out Clancey. I have to warn you, she is my girlfriend. Touch her and face the wrath. (He jeers noticing the terrified looks on Wolfe’s face.)

Wolfe: I wasn’t ‘checking her out’ per se, I was merely becoming acquainted with her, and she seems like a nice enough person. Would you care to share my rather exquisite lunch, my idiotic mother always packs too much for one person to eat. (Offering the group several different snacks from his lunch bag)

Group Member 1: (Bending down, taking a position of similar height to Wolfe.) My name’s Andrew. My father works for the local sawmill as a strip-packer. (Wolfe looks confused.) Oh, a strip-packer is someone who takes little packs, mostly of different sized wood see, and packs them all into different packs of the same sized wood. That over there is Angus; he’s really quite harmless, he just pokes fun at most people.
Angus: Yeah, I’m really harmless, but... (Whispers so Jim can barely hear) ...it’s Jim you gotta watch out for. I once heard that he took one a Tasmanian tiger with his bare hands. (Jim looks over at Angus and pushes him over)

Jim: Shove off; we don’t wanna frighten the poor newbie. Hey, I’ve just had an idea, so you can get more...acquainted with our fair community, how’d you like to come camping with us on the weekend?

Wolfe: (Shocked) I, um...I’d have to talk to my parents.

(Jim, Angus and Andrew begin to walk back to their table. The lights dim and shine dimly on Wolfe, grinning with delight, and then eventually fading completely.)

SCENE 3: Bedroom Scene

(The lights come up on a bare room, A desk, a bed and a bookcase filled with literature. Wolfe is seen typing at his computer.)

Wolfe: Hey Wyn! How are things going in Ireland? Really, well that different. I’m in
a good mood, thanks for asking. It was my first day at this new school that dad forced me into, and you know how I am with meeting new people, but today I went off with a hit. I even got a camping invite for the weekend. I’ve done a little research and noticed that the word ‘camping’ can be taken as ‘party’ so really I got invited to a party. Yeah yeah, I know it’s astounding, but it’s true. Surprisingly though, I felt that the people who asked me, are the people whom usually hate me. Well I have to go and discuss the invite with my mum. Yeah, she’s started it here too. I heard her at it last night. Thank god Dad is at the mine for the week, though. Well I’d best be off. Bye

(Wolfe turns off the computer and switches off the desk lights and the main lights blacken.)

SCENE 4: Day Before Scene

(Wolfe is sitting at a lunch table outside with Angus and Andrew, talking about the upcoming camp. Jim enters seeming down. His shirt is more tattered than usual and a small amount of blood has evidently been in contact with Jim’s sleeve.)

Wolfe: Hey Jim. What’s going on? Are you OK?

Jim: (Snapping) What’s it to you!

Angus: Jim, same as usual?

Andrew: Yeah, probably was his da...

Jim: SHUT IT! I’ll deal with it later. Now we have to talk about the initiation task. (Smirking in the Wolfe, sniggering)

Wolfe: What task? Nobody said anything about a task

Angus: No, we knew you wouldn’t want to go on with us if you knew. Speaking of the weekend, have you got your swag? (Wolfe nods) What about tent? (Wolfe nods again) Good, you’re ready then. We’ll see you tomorrow then. (Wolfe walks off stage.)

Andrew: Have you two heard of ‘Drop bears’?

Jim: Yes you fool, everyone...has. Wait that’s brilliant we’ll...

(Lights fade out as the boys’ voices become inaudible.)

SCENE 5: Camping Scene

(The scene begins in a dusty old Holden Ute. Wolfe is wearing a blindfold and Jim is driving. The car stops and the four get out.)

Jim: We’re here.
(Angus begins to set up one tent while Jim sets up another, Wolfe sits by a tree with
Andrew, who seems different at this point)

Andrew: You’re gonna love you task. Mine was pretty funny; I had to last ten prods with a taser then a heated cattle brander. I still have the scar (Reveals the burn-like scar on his right thigh) See? Then Angus, he had to kiss a brown and a roo. To you it must seem like we are horrible, but we’re just trying to have some fun.

Wolfe: No, people used to do things like that to new people back in Ireland. I remember that we pushed our transfer student into the Lake Loch Nes. They we really petrified of it, probably because of the rumours of the Loch Nes Monster, but they were just that.

Jim: Alrighty then, Wolfe, you have to go and gather some fire wood. Make sure it has no green in it at all. (Wolfe walks off then comes back on after ‘3 hours’. The scene is now night-time. The groups are gathered around the campfire, nibbling at pieces of damper which is half-cooked, half-burnt.)

Jim: Ok, it’s time for a story. Andrew!

Andrew: Well, this story has come from a father to son tradition, but only tonight, I’ll share this story with you. It is about the ruthless Drop Bears. It is rumoured that these bears, mutated from normal koalas attack campers while they sleep. However, you think you’re safe when they fall on top of you, but then they begin gnaw at your skin, licking the blood from their claws until you have passed out in either fear of blood loss. (Wolfe’s face twists in fear, knowing that these evil, mutated bears could fall from any tree at anytime.) The most common location of Drop Bears has been recorded in the protected gum forests of Mt. Isa.

Wolfe: Mt. Isa? You mean they live here!

Andrew: Yeah, they have been sited more and more in the past couple of year too.

Wolfe: Well, that is interesting; I think I’ll go to bed. (Wolfe leaves and enters a tent)

Jim: Ok, Be prepared. Give him 20 minutes then we strike. (Sniggering nastily)

(The scene fades out, capturing the boys getting into a bear suit and climbing up a nearby gum tree.)

SCENE 6: Drop Bear Scene

(The lights come up to show Angus in a bear suit ready to jump onto the tent which Wolfe had entered)

Jim: Ready?

Angus: Yeah, 3, 2, 1 (jumps and begins to growls and snarl like a bear, Wolfe stands up and yells in terror. He turns and punches the ‘bear’ in the stomach, who takes off his head.) Ow, what was that for?

Wolfe: I...thought you were a ...drop bear. (Jim and Andrew erupt into laughter, they both point at Wolfe who starts to sob softly, knowing he’d been tricked and was hurt.) You guys are complete and utter jerks. (Wolfe runs off-stage.)

Andrew: What should we do about him?

Jim: Nothing, he’ll be fine.

(Scene fades out on the boys who all seem quietly concerned)

SCENE 7: Realisation Scene

(Lights come up on Wolfe at his computer; his eyes are red and teary. He is typing furiously.)

Wolfe: How dare they Wyn? How dare they? I mean, I was nice to them, I trusted them and they pulled a stupid stunt like that. I am outraged. I was stupid enough to go through with their ways, I was stupid, yet they knew how scarred I’d get. They anticipated it, and played on my fears, for that, I’ll never forgive them, never in this and any life time. I’m sorry Wyn. (Wolfe punches the computer screen in anger.) Oh God, now look what I have done. (Sobs quietly and lights fade out.)

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