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by wizard
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this is my version of the Yellow brick road
i guess we have all seen the wizard of Oz. and we all know about the yellow brick road. I think the yellow brick road is about life and reaching our destination. First we start of being born into a world we don't know much about being feed and nuture with care. Then we start to learn how to walk and talk. and then as we walk that road we meet some scary things like bullies and crazy creatures.But we also meet friends that will be with us to the end. We might not skip and sing down the road like dorthory and the gang, but we might as well try. And then we finally meet our destination whatever may that be. it could be our hopes and dreams. Or our nightmares and fears.But remember whenever you are in the darkest of times remember you will always have friends and loves one near you helping to show you the light.
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