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A Brief Comedy of Horror
Oh, how I curse the day I moved into that dark and desolate Victorian home by the sea. I ran for years and miles, hid, and even dyed my hair to escape the horrible image of that face, THAT FACE! I bestowed all my passionate love upon him, and he disappeared into an ugly burning pit of sewage.

Allow me to catch my breath for a moment and explain the terrible series of events that took place on that wretched night.

It was ~All Hallows Eve~ when it happened. This vile witch from depths of the unknown must have appeared to me only one evening following my twenty–first birthday. That's when all hell broke loose.

The first night of my existence, I was mercifully blessed by some angelic force.  I, as luck would have it, escaped being born on such a high-spirited day as Halloween. However, it was a narrow escape at that; but for merely two minutes prior to the clock striking midnight, I came forth.

My dear friends wanted to share my occasion of turning twenty-one with a visit to a local pub and many, many tequila shooters. It was then I learned why the Spaniard threw his wife out the window. The vile excuse he used was that she had “Vera Cruz veins”! Can you imagine such a shallow person as that?  However, I digress.

I do not remember much about that evening except for the fact that, well actually I cannot remember that either. I do remember someone standing over me with this little mustache and dark straight hair parted in the middle. The eyes, oh those lovely blue eyes stared back at me with such passion. Then, everything went black. The next morning, I find myself lying in my bloomers hanging over the bed with one hand holding tightly to the floor. Some evil possession left me incapacitated for the rest of the day. That is all I remember, except that I never saw the beautiful man again. I assumed what evil left me ill that night just murdered that poor soul for loving me.

Here I awaken, seven years later, only to look in the mirror and see the face that has haunted me for years! Oh, woe is me that being born before the bell tolls midnight on that dastardly day of spirit uprising, has not saved me from the stray ghost seeking revenge.  It was only last night that I allowed myself to enjoy a party and that wonderful tequila with some new friends. Did I believe the same demon would come back and try to destroy me? Would he never leave me alone? No, I face this mirrored glass in the misty morn, and, I see an image of the lover I thought dead staring back at me with those blue eyes.

I must run again. I shall pack my bags and hide somewhere else. Oh, will it never end! The phone, the bloody instrument from hell is flashing a red light. I listen intently and hear the familiar voice of my new friend Mabel.

“Hey, Tory, did you ever manage to get that mustache off your face? I swear, who uses crazy glue for theatrical make-up? Well, at least you won the best Halloween costume prize for your portrayal of Rhett Butler. I can’t believe this is the second time you crazy glue yourself. Really girl, you and the tequila have got to part ways. I’ll talk to you later. Ta, Mabel.”


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