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A short review of Sidney Poitier's Autobiography
The title alone is a grabber, ‘The Measure of a Man’. Sidney Poitier digs deep into his soul in this autobiography revealing his innermost hopes and fears. He reaffirms through his narrative the magnificence of the human spirit when it adheres to the pursuit of truth and integrity. Without falling into the trap of platitudes he teaches the reader of lessons about life that are worth learning. His closing words ‘We’re all imperfect, and life is simply a perpetual unending struggle against those imperfections’ ring true against the backdrop of his struggles to live a life of moral fortitude.

I became so cheered and spiritually uplifted by the short yet awe inspiring autobiography of Sidney Poitier. Even though I have not had to face the prejudices that he encountered in his lifetime, I have come to realize the uttermost importance of 'courage'. It has kept me from falling into the dreadful hole of mediocrity and has lifted me up more than once to take the risks necessary to do good for humanity. The caveat has been to make sure that there is always present the driving force of a moral conscience. This is what keeps the balance and has given me the integrity to face myself. In Aristotle's 'Ethics’, he tell us that the deficiency of courage in our lives is cowardice and its excess, recklessness.

For all those who want an inspirational read, I highly recommend:

The Measure of a Man: A Spiritual Autobiography (2000) by Sidney Poitier.
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