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He spied my gaze and believed me to be my sister, never once challenging the validity of the fleshly miracle standing before him.

No doubt we shared the same eyes, the same complexion, even the same rosy highlights peculiar to our family's hair.

"Bernuil, you've come back," he rasped, so surprised to see me alive and well.

I smiled, not knowing how to break the news to him.

So I held my breath and let him do all the talking.

"I was wrong to abandon you in South America. Your family told me that you died. Please forgive me for believing," he implored. "Had I known I made a mistake, I would have stayed and waited for you."

His voice though tender as fresh autumn leaves floating upon a smooth glassy lake tasted like foul, bitter ash upon my tongue.

I turned and faced the mirror, guaging his reaction indirectly.

"Adam," I whispered as low as my voice could go. "Come closer, we've been apart for too long."

I beckoned him with an outstretched arm, reaching to him from behind.

As my reflection watched, I could almost sense the dread in my departed sister's heart as Adam's hand slipped into mine.

As he held me in his embrace, I caressed his neck with hot breaths and whispers.

"Upon my deathbed, I made one final request to God. For one more chance at life, I would honor him with a new name for myself."

He pulled back slightly, just enough to peer bewilderingly into my eyes.

"Then tell me, Bernuil, what new name has God chosen for my beloved."

I held him closer. My nose trembled by his ear.

"Eve," I whispered. Bernuil's sister's real name. Whom God intended for Adam all along.

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