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poem from a war zone PART TWO~~the song?

~~~~This was based off of the same train of though as "It's getting harder to tell" but i couldn't decide which one I liked better. Please let me know which you prefer and why. Thanks!~~~~

Mr. President

What do you think
Of those sworn to obey you
When their confidence fades
And their journals betray you?
If you signed on the line could you do what they do?
(Would you lay down your life for somebody like you?)

Chorus: Blood-stained glass and consequences
            Are all that’s left to stare you in the face.
            You’re running out of second chances.
            When will you realize that it is not too late
            To come back home?

Would you tackle the man
With the bomb on his chest
Or would you run ‘cause you know
That your bullet-proof vest
Won’t protect you in situations like these?
(In the end could you tell the debris from the bodies?)


Bridge: You’ve learned more of death than life taught you before
          ‘Cause there are only two ways to interpret a war:
          The past through the pages, the now through a mirror.
          Either way things are worse than they tend to appear…

So hold on to your helmet
And whisper your prayers
While the man running towards you
Shouts his through the air.
You maybe fighting for the red, white, blue
(But he’s got a lot more of nothing to lose.)

to come back home…..
come back home….

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