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Mass communication
Dream Journal

      A small television studio. Attractive ladies in brightly colored dress,
    chat at a rectangular table. They are drinking wine from gold cups.
    Their is one maiden, who sits at the center of the table. She hands
    biscuits to the others. The central maiden is the host of the show.
    Her name is Barberella. She is a grand conjurer and beautiful.


          Lovely audience...(applause)... Let us begin with a kiss. Kiss the
          one seated on your right and left.

    Barberella kisses the two ladies on either side of her on the lips.


          Let all that lives on land, at sea or in the air join with us!
          We are the vessel of the future...(applause). I feel the Magician
          within me.. He whispers this..

    Barberella shuffles the Tarot and places a card on the table. It is the six
    of Pentacles.

          My house is prosperous...(applause)

  One of the beautiful maidens at the table stands. She is eastern persian.
  She drinks from her cup and places it on the table. The deck is passed to

                                  Little Feather

          I am not worthy to wash your feet with my hair! Let me speak
          for you in these cards...(applause)

  Little Feather draws seven swords.

          This my burden. I claim it and seek your council.


        Little Feather let me hold you..

  The two embrace and kiss. Barberella puts her hand on Mithra her


        My sister speak of what is to come. Let the lion of Juda flow
        through you.

  Mithra takes a biscuit and dips it in her wine and eats it...


        What child of the child will wreak havoc? Caste not thy stone
        upon thy mother!

  Mithra holds the deck in her left hand a takes the third card with her
  right. Ten swords.


          This crowns him. It is his reign.

          What is his work?

  Mithra passes the deck to the dark maiden. Mizraim fans out the deck
  in a rainbow on the table and pulls the forth card.


          I am the mother of all the living. Out of my land came all the tribes
          of Adam.

  Mizraim places the ten of pentacles beneath the tree of Tarot.


          This is the treasure. It binds us to our land.

  Barberella gathers up the deck and gives it to Rose. Rose takes two
  cards. Her hair is crowned with flowers.


          Is this a talk show or a freak-in seance?

  The fifth card is strength and the six judgment.+



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