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This is a summary of the epic Battle of Hastings and how the Normans conquered England
Numerous changes occured in the year 1066. Some of the most dramatic and historically impacting changes happened in Britain or more specifically England. Edward the Confessor was the king and everything was prosperous. Alas, it became apparent that Edward was ill as he was constantly coughing and ran out of energy rapidly with the simplest of tasks. It was time to choose a descendant to the throne of England. Having no sons of his own Edward promised the thrown to his distant relative William, Duke of Normandy. Afterwards it is said that Harold Godwinson visited Edward in his death bed. There Edward told Harold that he would like him to have the thrown instead of William. After the death of Edward. Harold Godwinson was crowned king in Westminster Abbey. Though his celebration was short-lived, for he learned that the Norwegians had invaded York. He left and gathered his army. He fought the Norwegians near a bridge. During the battle he learned that the invasion was lead by his brother, who he had recently banished from England. Harold defeated the Norwegians and killed his brother. The night of their victory was celebrated with pork and ale. It was a glorious victory and one the people would not soon forget. As Harold prepared for bed, a messenger arrived. He gave Harold a message that the Normans had invaded in his absence landing near a small town known as Hastings. Harold left the next, yet his army was tired and ill prepared for battle. He gathered as many as he could before he reached Hastings. Once he arrived in Hastings Williams deeds were clear. Harold set a shield wall to repel the powerfull Norman horsemen. The battle lasted a day but close to sunset the sheild wall began to fall and the Normans prepared for the final blow. In the twilight the Norman archers drew their bows and fired in an arch fordcing the Anglo-Saxons to raise their shields leaving themselves open. The Norman horsemen took advantage of this and delivered the final blow destroying the shield wall. the last survivors stood prepared for battle on the hill. Some retreated and some stood their ground. Harold decided to go down with his men. In one last arrow barrage Harold was struck through his right eye. Only days later William was crowned as King of England and thus ended the days of Anglo-Saxon England and usured in the Anglo-Norman Era.

Today in Hastings, England near Battle Abbey lies Harold's plaque in the place were Harold is presumed to have spent his final moments.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1331985-The-Norman-Conquest-of-1066