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the cars will be running soon.
"Car Stop Ride Line"
the tan and blue sign said.
Monica and I spent 4.50 each
to ride the street cars
from Loyola Avenue
down to St. Charles
a month before Katrina.
With a rattle and a jerk
we were off.
We cuddled in a hard seat
as the car bell
at traffic crossing
the neutral ground.

A hurricane called Katrina
came rolling in
toward the end of August.
Wind and water destroyed
a beautiful city;
green and red street cars
covered along with dreams.
Tracks were left twisted,
coated with mud and rust.
For two years
the ting-a-ting-a-ling call of
"make way for the RTA"
hasn't sounded
through the stately oaks
of St. Charles street.

A new sign went up today,
"Drivers, beware:
The St. Charles Streetcars
are soon to be coming your way."
For 6.50 one way,
people will soon
have a herky-jerky ride
from Loyola Avenue
down to St. Charles.
Four swaying stops and starts
along the way.
Monica and I perch
on a bench on the neutral ground,
embracing, waiting for a streetcar.
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