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If anyone has any connections and wants to use this as their own, please do.
An Episode for Law and Order: Criminal Intent that I wrote...

Someone finds a dead body...

Theme Song.
Commercial Break.

Goren and Eames are examining the corpse...
Goren: Vincent Sghiatti, a young man from Brooklyn: strangled and beaten to death.
Eames: And nothing from forensics: no fingerprints, no DNA.
Goren: Fingers are cut off, probably post-mortem... to get rid of any traces of the killer that would be under the fingernails.
Eames: So there was a struggle.
Goren: Probably. And, our guy’s smart: he knows just what to do to remove his tracks.
Eames: Perhaps our killer watches lots of crime shows and learns from them.
Goren: Or perhaps he’s an ex-cop, or an ex-FBI detective, or an ex-criminal attorney. Something that would let him know how to clean up.
Eames: Either way, this is going to be hard, isn’t it?
Goren nods.
Eames: Well, let’s start talking around and hope we find a lead.

Goren and Eames go and talk to a couple relatives of Vincent Sghiatti...
[The usual, do you know who would want to hurt Vincent Sghiatti? Etc. Only key thing is that one relative says he was at home on the night of the murder (and every night) because he has CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), and that no one can verify his alibi.]
After some time, Eames gets a call on her cell phone...
Eames: Yeah, alright, we’ll be right there.
Goren: Another one?
Eames: Yep, body was found in Queens, same MO.

Commercial Break.

Goren and Eames go to the second crime scene to examine the body...
Goren: Gabriel Smith, age 23.
Eames: Yep, same MO.
Goren: Fingertips missing, cause of death due to strangulation... It’s all the same.
The crime scene investigator guy walks up to them...
CSI: Detectives, sorry it’s taken so long, but we’re finally done.
Goren: And no DNA nor fingerprints, huh?
CSI: Yeah, how’d you know?
Goren shrugs.
Goren: Let’s call it a hunch.
Eames: Well, let’s go talk to the victims relatives.
Goren and Eames go and talk to a couple relatives of Gabriel Smith...
[The usual, do you know who would want to hurt Gabriel Smith? Etc. They get a suspect and question him, but get nothing out of him.]
The Boss opens the door to the examination room...
Boss: Another body was found, he’s not our guy.
[First Suspect]: See! I told you I didn’t do it. Hmph!
Eames: Same MO?
The Boss nods.
Boss: Same killer.

Commercial Break.

Goren and Eames talk about the cases at their desks...
Eames: So now it’s three murders we’re looking at, and all three have the same MO, no DNA and no fingerprints to work with.
Goren: ...You know, what I don’t get is that, with most serial killers, they target a specific age group or a certain gender... but this group, it’s so diverse, it’s almost too diverse to even be a serial killer.
Eames: But they all have the same MO.
Goren: I know, I just, (sigh).
Eames: Perhaps if we find the connection between the three, we’ll find our killer, or at least a lead.
Goren: But no matter how much I look at these photos and information, I just don’t see a connection.
Eames: Well let’s go learn more about each of them.
Goren: Wait a minute, right here, Vincent Sghiatti: alcoholic, Gabriel Smith: alcoholic, and Sarah Jones-
Eames: Alcoholic.
Goren: So our killer hates alcoholics.
Eames: Yeah, enough to kill them
Goren: But why?
Some time passes.
Goren: ...You know, (exhales) that one relative that we talked to, what was his name? (shuffles around papers on desk to look up the name) Nick Winship had CFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Eames is confused.
Goren: You know, I had a friend growing up, William Sigurd, that got CFS when he was a freshman in high school... A few years later, before I had gone off to college, he killed himself.
Eames: So...?
Goren: My point is, CFS is much worse than the name implies. I learned from talking to him that there were many more symptoms than just fatigue.
Eames: It was so bad he killed himself... but what does that mean to us?
Goren: Well, that’s the thing: people with CFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, have always struggled to be taken seriously... for over 80 years in fact, due to the fake-sounding name of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Eames: And you’re thinking what?
Goren: Perhaps, now this is just a possibility, but perhaps Nick Winship killed these alcoholics as part of a, let’s say epic battle , or at least he thinks so. You see, by calling alcoholism a disease, one also indirectly discredits the truth about CFS, that it’s a very real disease, just with a fake-sounding name.
Eames: So Nick Winship heard them say alcoholism was a disease and lost it?
Goren: Maybe, or maybe he targets them another way.
Eames is confused
Goren: Well, one of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’s symptoms is severe immune-deficiency. In fact, I remember William even being afraid to just see a couple people, because the immune-deficiency was so bad... Perhaps, Nick Winship, our killer, has been infected with something and is gonna die soon.
Eames: And with the law meaning nothing to him, he’s free to go about killing anybody he feels like.
Goren: Yes, perhaps he goes to AA meetings and finds the person most determined to convince people that alcoholism is a “disease”-
Eames: And kills him, or her.
Goren: Exactly.
Eames: ...Don’t you think this is a little far-fetched?
Goren: Perhaps, but it’s not like we have any other leads.
Eames shrugs.

Goren and Eames are in one of the glass-door rooms, but not the Boss’s room...
Goren: Alright, so the three murders took place (there’s a map behind him, as he puts in the pins...) here, here, and here, meaning that our killer probably lives within this area.
Eames: And we narrow down our search by finding all the AA groups that meet within that area-
Goren: And get a list of members from each, exactly.

Goren and Eames go out and do that...
[They find that one guy visited each group once and only once. It’s probably their killer.]

Commercial Break.

Goren and Eames are in the Boss’s office...
Boss: So our killer is James Miller, a person with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome who kills alcoholics, but why?
Goren: Well, perhaps he thinks he’s part of a movement: that he’s defending the millions that suffer from CFS in some war between people with CFS and alcoholics... or at least that he’s fighting back against the, as he would see them, ruthless alcoholics that don’t care at all about how their actions affect other people... You see, by calling alcoholism a “disease,” one also discredits the truth about CFS: if people say that alcoholism, an addiction or masked depression, is a “disease,” more people will think Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is merely an excuse for being lazy, when in reality CFS is a horrible disease... Perhaps he even thinks he’s doing the world a favor by killing these weak, pathetic alcoholics.
Boss: So bring him in under Suspicion of Murder and question him.
Eames: But he won’t give up so easily... All we have is this loose theory, and there were no DNA nor fingerprints at the crime scenes. If he denies it, we’ve got nothing.
Goren: Well, maybe we can get it out of him. Most serial killers want to explain himself, you know, tell someone their story.
Eames: So the usual, good cop - bad cop.
Goren: Something like that.
Eames: Let’s hope it works.

Commercial Break.

Goren opens the door to the examination room, and Goren and Eames walk in to talk to Dante Jules...
Goren sighs. He faces towards Eames.
Goren: You know, I’m still not sure he did it.
Eames: Really, even after seeing this, and this, and this (she lays down photos of the three dead bodies on the table).
Dante: Hey man, I didn’t do any of that. I don’t even know who these people are.
Eames: Now that’s a lie. We know about the alcoholics anonymous meetings. We know you met and talked with Vincent Sghiatti and Gabriel Smith.
Dante: So? That doesn’t tie me to the third murder.
Dante’s Lawyer: And it doesn’t prove anything about ANY of the murders.
Goren: Exactly, see (to Eames), I told you he didn’t do it.
Eames gets up and leaves (because she’s acting like she’s a little upset).., Dante is now only with Goren, the “good cop.”
The Boss opens the door and tells Eames to come with him, and Eames does...
Goren: Yeah, I mean, what motive do you even have to kill these people?
Dante: Right! Exactly.
Goren: I mean, others than your CFS and their alcoholism.
Dante suddenly becomes quiet.
Goren: Yeah, didn’t think we’d find out, did you?
Dante’s Lawyer: (to Dante) What are they talking about?
Goren: Oh, he didn’t tell you why he killed Vincent Sghiatti, Gabriel Smith, and Sarah Jones? Or, did he not even tell you that he killed them, period?
Some time passes.
Goren: (a little angrily) We know you killed them. We know you killed them and we know why, so you might as well give it up already.
Dante: Show me some proof. A hair or a fingerprint of mine.
Goren: What about (Goren puts them on the table) the missing fingertips we found when we dug through the dumpster outside your house.
Dante turns to his lawyer and the two of them whisper something.
Some time passes.
Dante: (sigh) Yeah, I killed those damn alcoholics. I had to! They were attacking us!
Goren: Belittling CFS.
Dante: Exactly, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a real disease with a fake name, and they want us to suffer. You know, for 80-plus years doctors have treated us like shit! And all because of that stupid name, (acts stupid while saying the phrase) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Bullshit! It should be Chronic Fatigue Immune-Deficiency Terrible Nervous System-Pain Syndrome!
Goren: (angrily) But why? Why these three alcoholics, specifically?
Dante: Why? Why not?! I’m gonna die soon from my ALS anyways! Why not help fight the great fight?!
Goren: Right, the war between alcoholics and people with CFS.
Dante: Exactly.
Goren: But the alcoholics don’t even know their hurting you! Why not try to educate them about how their actions affect other people?
Dante: Don’t you think I tried?! They wouldn’t even hear it, especially those three. They didn’t give a crap about anyone but themselves! And all just so they could ignore taking responsibility for their actions! Well, they wanted to be victims, and now they are... They deserved to die. They’re weak and pathetic pieces of crap that knowingly hurt everyone around them, especially people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!
Goren: But why is it such a big deal?
Dante: Doctors have treated us like crap for more than 80 years! With the way these alcoholics go around claiming alcoholism’s a disease, the doctors will continue to treat us like crap forever! Just within the last few years, CFS has FINALLY been recognized by the medical community as a real disease, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the doctors did a full 180 degree turn and went back to treating us like shit just because of what these weak, pathetic, and downright cruel alcoholics are doing!
Goren: Cruel? You want to talk about cruel?! Look at these pictures! This is cruel! Murder is cruel!
Some time passes.
Goren: Take him away.
Dante: I had to do it, for everyone who’s ever had CFS, and especially for those that will in the future. I had to kill them - lord knows how many of them have driven us to suicide!
As they take him away, Dante yells.
Dante: There are millions of us! MILLIONS! There are more like me out there, more that will kill for justice! Just you watch!
Eames is standing in the hallway as they take him away...
Eames: (sigh) And all because of a stupid name.
Goren: (deep sigh) Well, at least the people with CFS are trying to get the name changed to Myelopathic Encephalopathy.
Eames: Let’s hope it changes soon...

To Clarify the Motive...
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a real and terrible disease, but it has a fake-sounding name. This causes people with CFS to become frustrated with people, namely doctors that tell people with CFS to stop lying about their condition/nothing is wrong with you/etc., but also with everyone who repeatedly tells people Alcoholism is a “disease.” (Yes, I am aware that the dictionary says it is so by including diet under possible causes of disease(s). The dictionary changes constantly though, and that will not be the end of it.) This is because every time someone calls an Addiction/Masked Depression (aka. Alcoholism) a disease, they make more people believe that CFS is a fake disease (due to its fake-sounding name). Our particular character who kills three alcoholics does so to help defend CFS’s credibility. Furthermore, he doesn’t fear prison due to his ALS (a disease that very painfully and slowly kills you). His rage is misdirected and should be directed at either the biggest asshole doctors he’s encountered, or better yet the people who gave CFS the name CFS and started all this trouble.

CFS’s Symptoms:

Crippling Fatigue
Severe Immune-Deficiency
In many cases: Constant Terrible Nerve Pain (aka. Fibro Myalgia)
Nerve Sensitivities (all 5 Senses)
In some cases: Larynx Pain
No REM Sleep
In some cases: 90+% of available drugs no longer have an effect of the body

Statistically, a person has about 15-20% of the energy of a normal person when they have CFS. This is first due to every cell in the body producing 1/4 the normal amount of ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) (so 25% now), plus the lack of REM sleep (so about 15-20%).

Less than 15% of people are able to hold a part-time job. Less than 4% are able to work full-time.

The New York Times_
“‘People with C.F.S. are as sick and as functionally impaired as someone with AIDS, with breast cancer, with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,’” said Dr. William Reeves, the lead expert on the illness at the Center for Disease Control, who helped expose the centers’ misuse of chronic fatigue financing.”
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