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creating chaos or chocolate?
Hady searched her kitchen. She looked high and low. Checking all the cabinets and all the drawers.

"It has to be here somewhere," She mumbled. "I couldn't have run out all ready. I know I bought enough to last a couple of weeks."

She looked under the kitchen sink. She looked under the kitchen table. She even looked behind the stove.

Standing in the middle of the kitchen in her favorite outfit, a red striped yellow shirt and purple poka dotted green pants. Her lips trembling, her hands fisted and her long orange hair floating out behind her. She felt one of her worse temper tantrums coming. When she seen Speedy, her pet turple, on the ceiling she knew it was going to be bad.

"I guess this is one of the perks of being the daughter of a witch." Hady said to Speedy as he walkind across the ceiling over her head. He turned his head sideways so he could see her and he winked. "Yeah, I know you understand. But don't you start talking to me. I'm not ready for that." She said as she went in the living room.

"There has to be at least one pack in this house somewhere." She said as she lifted up the cushions on her yellow couch. She searched everywhere in her house, even behind the toilet. There was none in the house. She had to go to the store. She couldn't have her lunch with out it.

She put on her shoes. Her shoes always made her feel better with the little yellow stars all over them. She reached for her hot pink jacket and put it on. Halfway to the store her hair wasn't flying as much, her temper was cooling off.

By the time Hady reached the Witch's Market her temper was gone. Behind the counter stood Mr. Blaak.

"Hello there, Hady. What can I get you today?"

"Oh Mr. Blaak! I ran out of ... I ran out of ... " She couldn't bring herself to say it.

"I can't help you if you don't know what you're looking for!" Stated Mr. Blaak.

The ends of Hady's hair started floating. "Mr. Blaak, I ran out of," she looked up at the ceiling and sighed. "Hot Chocolate Mix." When she looked back at Mr. Blaak she had tears in her eyes. Mr. Blaak knew that that was her favorite drink and tried to keep it stocked up.

It was Mr. Blaak's turn to sigh. "Hady, you bought all I had last week. I haven't had time to order any more."

She sniffed, "Thank you Mr. Blaak."

As she closed the door to the store her hair was flying crazily behind her even though there was no wind today. Back inside, Mr. Blaak ran his hand over his face.

"How am I going to get you guys down from there?" All six of his cats were walking around on the ceiling.

That night Hady threw herself on the bed. She had her nightgown on but something was missing, her nightly cup of hot chocolate. She always had a cup before going to sleep. Tonight she had hot water in her cup. She blew across the top cooling it down. After taking a sip, she put it down on her nightstand. It just wasn't the same.

She slid her arm under her pillow getting ready to go to sleep but she felt something. There, beside her arm, was a pack of something. She pulled it out. She couldn't believe it. There, in her hand, was a pack of hot chocolate. She hugged it to herself and fell asleep thinking that she was going to do something real special with this pack.

The next morning after she got dressed she sat at the kitchen table staring at the one and only pack of hot chocolate in the whole house. She was thinking of how she was going to use this pack. She could just make herself a cup and be satisfied with that.

Speedy walked out from under the table looking for his dish of food that was always full. Not so this morning. He scooted it across the floor with his head trying to get Hady's attention. She got up and absent mindedly filled his dish.

Speedy looked into his dish, rolled his eyes, and walked back under the table thinking, "If she was going to give me Scary O's she could have at least put some milk in it!"

Hady sat down in her chair and popped right back up. She had an idea and a good one she thought. She ran to her bedroom closet, throwing everything over her head, as she looked for her spell book. She found it on the top shelf behind a box. Grabbing it, she ran from the room. Ran through the house nearly stepping on Speedy on her way outside.

At the far end of her back yard was a hot spring. The water was always hot no matter what time of year it was. Hady flipped through the book looking for just the right spell. Finally, she found it. She took the hot chocolate pack out of her front pocket and opened it. Mumbling the words to the spell.

"Place open pack in left hand, wave over source of water with out spilling the contents, and chant.
‘When this powder and this water combine.
The outcome shall be mine.
To drink or to share.
Or what ever I dare.'

"Next, keep book firmly in place in right hand, tap nose with forefinger of right hand, and wiggle left foot while sprinkling content of packet over source of water and chanting same verse at the same time."

She read the direction farther seeing what else she is supposed to do. The spell says to stir with spoon, ladle or shovel depending on the size of the container. She has a huge container so while she is tapping her nose, wiggling her foot and saying the chant, she searched the yard for her shovel. She knows it's around here somewhere. It's the where she doesn't know.

She looked behind the trees, in the shed, near the house. When she turned to go back to the spring she saw a glimmer of something shiny poking out from under the porch. She had forgotten she was digging under the house last week for something that she couldn't even remember now. So with her finger still tapping her nose and her foot still wiggling, she hobbled over to get it.

Back at the spring, she waved her free hand over the shovel to put a spell on it to make it stir by itself. Well as it happens when she finds herself in a silly situation a group of kids just happen to be passing Hady's house. She tried to go faster to get the spell done before they realize what she was doing.

She wasn't fast enough. Hady groaned. She thought for sure they were going to make fun of her. But instead, they thought it looked fun and joined her. So now there are eight kids and Hady standing around the spring tapping their noses, wiggling their feet, waving their arms and chanting.

She laughed as all the kids were doing. They weren't laughing at her. They were laughing with her. They all looked silly hopping, wiggling and waving arms. It was an experience that Hady had never thought she would ever feel. Actually having fun with others her own age.

The air started to smell different around the spring. Hady paused to see if the spell was working. The spring was still clear but you could smell chocolate in the steam as it came off the spring.

She started hopping faster, wiggling her foot faster, flapping her arms faster, and chanting the spell faster. All the kids saw what she was doing and sped their own tasks up. The shovel was spinning so fast stirring the spring that there was a little hurricane forming in the water.

The water started changing colors. The color of rich chocolate was forming starting within the funnel in the center, slowly moving outward towards the edges.

All of a sudden there was a loud rumble. Everyone dropped to the ground including Hady, not knowing what to expect. Then there was a loud bang ringing in the air. They saw smoke rising from the center until it formed a huge cloud that covered them. They couldn't see anything not even each other.

Hady yelled, "Is everyone ok?" Each of the kids yelled back that they were fine.

As the smoke cleared, Hady could see all the kids beginning to sit up and lean towards the spring to see what happened.

To her amazement the hot spring was just what she wanted. An unlimited supply of hot chocolate.

Cheers went up from everyone. The kids were up and dancing around singing, "We did it! We did it!"

Hady, with a smile on her face, joined in. "We did it .. we did it" Then she ran into the house as fast as she could. The kids didn't know what to think. Maybe she really is weird like everyone said. They waited a few minutes to see if she was coming back out. Deciding that she wasn't they all began to leave, walking slowly to the edge of the yard.

Hady ran out her front door carrying a box that looked heavy. She yelled "Hey, come back. Everyone take one." As she placed the box on the ground near the spring and pulled out mugs for everyone , a ladle and yes. Even whip cream. What's hot chocolate with out whip cream.

She scooped out hot chocolate for everyone and topped their cups off with whip cream. After everyone was settled under the shade tree, Hady sighed "Now if only we had some candy snow caps" All the kids burst out laughing.

"What?", Hady exclaimed then started laughing herself.

The End

Note: My 2 children helped me write this. One day 4 or 5 years ago we were tossing ideas around and this story is the result. Hope you enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed putting their ideas into a story.
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