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Darren and Ria, mainly.
By mid-October, the summer moist was beginning to sink in. The St. Cassius Apartment was filled with stoned looks on students faces, even though at most only five percent of its residents would have actually smoked the shits. The showers were always running. Open windows have allowed the horns of cars into the building. In addition, exams were getting closer.

In several of the boy’s rooms death heavy metal were playing. Ria wondered if it was a way to take their minds off the unbearable heat, or to help them concentrate more on studying. The study between music and concentration has been inconclusive. Then, she found herself waking from the day-dream while she was studying.

It wasn’t day-dream, exactly. It was already half-past-seven in the evening. Ria hasn’t had a bite to eat, as she has decided to wait and have night snacks when she later met Darren at Starbucks. Time was passing furiously that night. Most of the students, on the contrary to a normal Wednesday night, have escaped the apartment to local bars for drinks and a bit of fresh air. Ria stayed and studied as late as she could, knowing ahead that she has already made plans. She often wondered if this persistence would do her any good for actually finding a job in the future; but she did it anyway.

* * * *

Before she realized it was half past ten. She found herself waiting at the door of Starbucks, waiting for both Darren and her Blackberry Green Tea Frappucino. She knew her own weakness for successful adverts. The drink had more sugar than she needed in a single session, but she would have it anyway. After all, she wasn’t one of the girls of this world who had to watch her figure. She was already underweight before she turned twenty.

Darren showed up in a spanking-new looking synthetic shirt. A whiff of Lynx Africa surged through the female crowd, turning heads as he passed them. Unfortunately, they did not know that he was soon closing his physical relation with women. But to Ria, he owed her more than he could repay with all the money he would owe St. Cassius by the time of his graduation. For her, he would open up whenever she wanted it.
Ria dressed in a black mini-skirt and a white print V-neck shirt. She looked smart and cool, yet blended into the hot-headed crowd nicely. He gave her a kiss on the cheek when he saw her, and then ordered a bottle of Evian water. Ria almost chuckled when she heard him order.

A hour and a half of good satiric conversation about Cass tutors later, they ended up in his bed where Darren and his boyfriend usually slept. Tyler didn’t mind Darren sleeping around, as long as it is with a woman. Tyler has known to almost killed a male model rivalry at gunpoint before, but he never flinched about girls. Darren considered himself lucky, but didn’t know that the girls were in higher heaven than he would know.
Ria was the dominant one in their fucking. She was not the dominant kind in slave-and-master, but the kind where repeatedly asking how he’d like to fuck her would get them both to a strange boiling point where they believed if there was hell, one with punishing sex wouldn’t be too far from what they loved doing now.
Darren was not the perfect choice for an alpha-male, but he’s good enough for modeling. He was an avid learning in love-making, and Ria was glad to provide him with practice though he seemed to be stuck on a certain Freudian undeveloped-childhood frame of mind. He couldn’t get pass climaxing without some silence.

Anyway. The fucking this time dragged on for forty-five minutes. Which was shorter than both of them had realized, but longer than necessary. Darren smoked a few Dunhills after sex, and Ria flipped on the TV. She figured that Darren must have really loved TV, otherwise he was not the kind of student who could afford to pay an extra $60 a month.
She found herself settling on the hardcore music channel, letting Memphis Will Be Laid To Rest as background music. She pondered for a second if it was too harsh for Darren, but he seemed to be absorbing it quite nice, as he enjoyed the cigarette on the balcony, viewing out to the entire city block six floors beneath them.
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