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It's Billy's birthday and he has a wish. Will Billy's wish come true?
  Billy woke up early on Saturday.  It was a special day.  He was four now.  He jumped out of bed and raced to his parent's bedroom.  Billy shook his father's arm.  "Daddy, Daddy!  Wake up!  I get to make my wish now.  It's my birthday!"

  His father rolled over and looked at the clock.  "Billy, do you know what time it is?"

  Billy looked at the clock.  Mommy had been teaching him to tell time.  "It's twelve six," he said proudly.

His father laughed and said, "That's very good, son, but do you remember what Mommy taught you about the numbers on the clock?"

  Billy thought very hard.  Clocks were kind of funny because the numbers were wrong for one of its hands.

  Daddy stood up and put his robe on.  "That's okay, son.  We'll practice telling time later.  It's six o'clock in the morning and we should get some breakfast."

  Billy liked to help make breakfast.  Daddy let him break the eggs.  Mommy didn't seem to mind that her eggs were crunchy.  After breakfast, Billy asked, "Do I get to make my wish now?"

  Mommy smiled.  "Not yet Billy.  You can make your wish after you blow out the candles on your birthday cake."

  Billy asked when that would be.  Mommy told him that it would be at four o'clock.  Billy knew that was a very long time, so he went outside to play.

  It was a warm day and the birds were singing.  Billy liked to watch them fly.  It must be fun to be a bird he thought.  Birds could fly wherever they wanted to.  They didn't have to stay in the yard.  Birds could even cross the street alone.  They always got to play in the trees and didn't have to go inside when it was raining.  Most of all though, they could fly.

  A butterfly landed on the grass next to him.  Billy reached out to pet it, but the butterfly flew away.  Butterflies were kind of neat too.  They had so many colors and looked pretty when they flew.  Billy followed the butterfly to the swing set.  From there it flew out of the yard where Billy couldn't go.

  After the butterfly left, Billy began swinging.  It was fun to pretend he was flying.

  It didn't seem like very long before Billy heard his mother call him in for lunch.

  After lunch was finished, Mommy asked Billy if he would like to go with her to the store.

  Billy liked going to the store but he was worried.  "Will I be back in time to open my presents?" he asked.

  Daddy scooped Billy up and carried him to the car.  "Of course, you'll be back in time to open your presents," he said as he buckled Billy into the car seat.

  "Don't forget Daddy, I get to make my wish then too!"

  His father chuckled.  "Of course.  I wouldn't forget about your wish!"

  It took a long time to do all of Mommy's shopping.  As a special treat for being such a good helper, they drove to the airport and watched the airplanes land and take off.  Billy thought that was great!

  When Billy and his mother finally returned home it was nearly four o'clock.  His father was just returning home too.  Billy wondered where his father had been.

  They had only been in the house a few minutes when the doorbell rang.  Billy ran to the front door,  "I'll get it!"

  When Billy opened the door all of his friends shouted, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"  Billy was surprised.  Jimmy, Joey, Mike, Lucy, and Ryan were all there with their parents and each one of his friends had a present for him!

  When everybody was seated at the table his mother brought out the birthday cake.

  Finally, Billy thought, I get to make my wish.

  Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" and clapped when he blew out all of the candles.

  Billy looked around eagerly.  Well... maybe wishes took some time to work.

  He received some great gifts.  Joey had given him a puzzle and Lucy gave him a toy car.  Mike's gift was a game to play and Jimmy's, a watergun.  Ryan gave him a book with birds in it!  Mommy and Daddy gave him a baseball and a glove.  It was a wonderful party!

  After the party was over and everyone had gone home, Billy was quiet.

  Mommy asked, "Is something wrong Billy?  Didn't you have a good time at your party?"

  "The party was great," said Billy.  "It's just that I blew out all of the candles but I didn't get my wish.  I wished that I could fly.  I've looked all over but I can't find the wings."

  Daddy took Billy by the hand.  "Maybe you didn't look in the right places son."

  His father opened the front closet and there inside was a brand-new kite!  "Wings come in all shapes and sizes son.  Tomorrow I'll teach you to fly!"

  When Billy went to bed that night he dreamed of his wonderful new wings and how high he would fly.
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