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Rated: E · Poetry · Mystery · #1333026
Excerpt from "The Diaries of Lisa Lansing" Part IV - Trinity Lost.
From the addendum section to the Lansing Investigation in Dallas, turned over to the Fort Worth Police by Sergeant Jack Goldman. Investigators believed it held clues to the whereabouts of Lisa Lansing, her fate, and the suspect(s) involved.


It settled in a fury.
Cold and wet,
it faded fast.
I wondered in a worry,
after sunset
if it would last.
I, who loved the wind and missed it so.

It darkened in a hurry,
and I alone
found in it, a light.
Adrift in a flurry,
from the Empress,
they touched me, white
and soft, stirring needs shaped long ago.

Now, I await the scurry
of mortal prey
hiding from the dark,
in the water blurry,
fleeing, floating, flying,
'til Luna rises stark.
At last, I am sated, yet I'll seek others soon, I know.

But, I'll not be touched again
by the Empress flowers pure,
for Innocence and Wind,
have never shared allure.

The Diaries of Lisa Lansing  (18+)
"I'll Always Be Your Friend" & "Yellow Bandana" in one book. Warning: cliffhanger ending.
#1290888 by L. A. Powell

Evil Wind  (13+)
The Goldman Series I: A day of disaster and decision, Jack first senses his lifelong enemy
#1053523 by Jack Goldman

 Report From The Lisa Lansing Case  (18+)
From "Trinity Lost" - More clues to the whereabouts & fate of Lisa Lansing
#1337505 by L. A. Powell
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