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Story about roller skating.
A girl named Caroline and a boy named John lived in New York with their mom and dad. Caroline and John love roller skating. They would roller skate when ever they could. Their dad went to work he was a business man so they stayed home with their mom.

It was a Sunday and John asked mom if they could go to the Roller Skating Arena. Mom said yes since it was the last day of the weekend. John and Caroline took their roller skates and went to the car. They finally made it to the Roller Skating Arena. They raced inside.

John and Caroline put their skates on and started skating. They had a lot of fun. Caroline asked John if he wanted to race. John said yes. They raced Caroline was in the lead then John came in the lead.

John's roller skate wheel came loose and the wheel turned him around and out the door then he fell in a trashcan! John's mom and Caroline came racing out the door to see if he was okey. John said he was okey but he smelled. Caroline's and John's mom drove them back home. John took a long shower.

Caroline's and John's mom ordered pizza for them. Their dad came back from work. Their dad bought John and Caroline new roller skates. John and Caroline put their roller skates on and were roller skating all afternoon. Turned out to be a good day after all.

The End
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