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My story is about two boys who go to the swimming pool after school.
John and Justin are in 7period they cant wait to get out of school to go to the swimming pool because this is the last day of school and there in science they are not listening to a word the teacher is saying they are just watching the clock class will be over in 2 minutes every body in class cut the teacher off and started counting down 5 4 3 2 1 ring! Ring! Every body jumped out of their seats and ran out of the school mean while john and Justin are on their way to the swimming pool.

But john was scared of the water so Justin jumped in the water and stayed under for along time so john jumped in head first not knowing how to swim and hits his head flat on the ground of the swimming pool and busted his head and then Justin ran away out of the swimming pool to his house on 128 on billiard leaving john dead in the swimming pool.3 months go past still nobody knows until one day a little boy dived in the swimming pool and went all the way under and saw the laying there dead and the little boy came back up and told the life guard. After that nobody wanted to go to the swimming pool any more.
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