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This is about my mom
Just a Memory
I sit down listening to love songs. I guess that happens when everything goes wrong. So many people have gone to that so called better place called heaven. First it was my mom. She died when I was five years old of a heart attack. My mom was sick when she was pregnant with me. She had to have me early or I probably wouldn’t be here typing this right now. I was born May 20 1988. I was 3 months premature when I was born. My Dad and my older sister keep telling me how small I was. I have seen the pictures yup I was really small. One time my dad told me I had blonde hair cause of the medication. I can’t really tell you much about my time with my mom because I don’t really have any memory of her. I really just have stories. One of them is her singing voice my dad told me she had a beautiful singing voice. There are times where I will be sitting in my room not doing anything, but thinking about her. I wonder what my life would be like right now if she was still alive. Would I be the same person as I am today? Would I have the same friends or different friends? So many questions left UN answered. I just know one thing someday when I die I will see her again and then maybe we cans spend some mother and son time.
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