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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #1334125
a story about swimming
Jake was at home swimming in his pool with his best friend Phil. Phil was always in trouble. Jake was never in trouble. One day Phil wanted to sneak into the neighbor’s pool. There pool was much bigger than Jakes pool. Jake didn't wan't to sneak into the pool but he did any way because he knew that Phil knows what to say to get his you to do what he wanted you to do.

So they hopped the fence into the neighbors yard. Hill didn't think the pool had enough fizz all into it. Then they jumped in. After a few hours they saw the neighbors pull up. So they jumped into the bushes. There neighbors (the Apple Bottoms) went to the back.Mrs.Apple Bottom noticed that her brand new bottle of Fizz All was empty.

She panicked ''what if a thief is in our house''. Yeah a Fizz All thief'' joked Mr. Apple Bottom. He played along any way and followed her to the house with their kids. That was Jake and Pill’s que to leave. They hopped the brown fence to Jakes yard. On their way to Jakes room Jake said. ''I feel bad for scaring Mrs. Apple Bottom like that''.

Don’t worry at least we didn't get caught''. ''Is that all you ever think of getting caught ''. What is wrong with that'' demanded Pill. ''Ugh said Jake getting anoyed. Get out I don't ever wan't to see your ugly face around here again''. Said Jake. Hill ran out and slammed the door behind him. Jakes mom came in’ what was that all about'' said Jakes mom ''Nothing I don't want to talk about it said Jake. Ok but if you change your mind you know where to find me. Jake’s mom replied.

The next morning Jake looked out the window. He saw a detective with Mrs. Apple bottom. He was inspecting the pool. Then he saw the detective coming word his house Jake ran down stairs. When he got down there he saw that the detective wasn't coming to his house but the house on the other side of him. He couldn't let them get blamed for what he did.

Jake caught the detective right before he knocked on the door. He told them what happened. The detective and Mrs. Apple Bottom told them he was not a detective and they just came over to get back the lawn mower that they let them borrow. Mrs. apple bottom told Jakes mom what he did. Jake was grounded for two weeks. The next day Phil called to apologize. Jake accepted and told him that thanks to you I'm grounded. He told Phil what happened with Mrs. Apple Bottom.

After a few hours Jake looked out the window and saw Phil was talking to Mrs. Apple Bottom. After a minute or two Jake got a knock on his door. It was Phil. Phil told Jake that he was off punishment. Phil said that he told his mom what happened and apologized to the neighbors''Phill finally changed. Thought Jake. Jake and Phil swam the rest of the day. Phil vowed never to do that again. Well not until next time.
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