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Just a view of how we, those in my generation, have failed or succeeded in certain areas.
Where did it all go wrong?~0~ What happened to the cookie-cutter life that we were all supposed to have that we would grow up to get married, have 2 kids, live in the suburbs and live happily ever after.~1~  BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!~2~ Thank GOD I don't have that life.~3~ Those pictures that we were sold as kids was nothing more than what the "American Dream" is supposed to be, live miserably in the suburbs with your 2 brats, pain-in-the-ass spouse and sit in traffic for an hour every day.~4~ All this to go to a job you can't stand and make just enough money to buy shit that you don't need and spend all day in the fucking mall.~5~ WOW! That felt good!~6~

What's wrong with that picture?~7~ Nothing if that's what you want, NOT ME!~8~ I never wanted to do that, I almost got suckered into going there but luckily fate, destiny, or whatever you want to call it stepped in and prevented that from happening.~9~ I see it everyday, people just live to fulfill their dreams that were implanted in their head by advertisers, politicians, and society as a whole and don't know why they are doing what they do.~10~ This is a bit sad but more than that, dangerous.

While people are too brain-dead worrying about getting home in time to watch American Idol (how can anyone watch that shit????) they don't realize that they live in a country where the President and Vice-President do whatever the fuck they want and lie their asses off to get us into wars we don't need. They do this and piss more people off than before. What's their motive? MONEY of course. Every major contract that has been awarded in Iraq has gone to a friend on Cheney and Walter Reid's contracts, along with New Orleans, and every other major deal has gone to them as well. As more people die they get richer. ( I KNOW THEY ALL DO IT BUT IT HAS GOTTEN WORSE SINCE BUSHY HAS BEEN IN CHARGE)

This is not a new phenomenon but these days it is magnified. There is a culture of "ME" in this country where people only care about themselves and their lives. Everyone says that they don't have the energy or time to pay attention to the things going on around them. Wars are ongoing and they are treated as if they were a new network show on ABC and the ratings have them out of the top 10 most watched shows.

This "ME" culture is not only apparent in our attitudes towards the news and things going on in the world but it translates to our daily lives and the interactions, or lack there of, with others. People in this city tend to focus only on what matters to them and do not have the capacity to ever do something for others and instead focus only on their things. Friends, I was once told, are there to support you and help you in times of need. Does this mean that if you don't get support in those times that you have no friends? Or does it mean that friends will give you support as long as it fits their "schedule" and things go well for them? Who knows the answer, the fact of the matter is that we are all out to think about ourselves first and everything else later. Maybe this is why we are in the state of affairs (global warming, wars, corruption, etc...) that we are in?

The motto for our generation should be as follows; "I'm the universe, everything revolves around me." Either that or the fact that people only care about others when they have time to forget thinking about themselves.
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