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Keep going through hard times (latter-day saints; Martain Handcart Company)
The daylight has faded and the glowing moon is rising above the silent homes of the fitfully slumbering humans. with radiant shades of light cast across their faces, their dreams clouded over with exaughst from the trials of the world, hoping, ever hoping that the next moring will bring better fates to their families. that they'll survive the nagging of teh world and their many hardships. straining to be strong enough, trustworthy, and rembering the values of life, that a saint must reach within themselves to find. though their faith has been battered counless times, they will stand firm and hold their heads up high for they are proud, and they know that they have each other. that love, and sincere goodnesss will win the war in the end. they are stronger than most, because they have the knkowledge that they can lean on each other in their trials, and fears that they face every day of their lives. the icy and forbidding depths fo teh world in engulfing around them, their light constantly slipping away from them, their scarred and frostbitten bodies and minds struggling with all their power to keep hold of it. but they know that their suffering will soon come to an end if they can just hang on, during the last leg of the race. and they have the comfort of their families and just seeing their smiling faces, they'll have the burdened load they carry upon their weakening shoulders lightened. they try to only think of the wonders in life, flowers, butterflies, anything that will keep them going. anything that will help them and their families up the horrible, rocky, breath stopping terrain of the mountain that they're striving to reach the top. the finish is in sight, there is no way that they're giving the enemy the satisfaction that they're weak souls and can't do it, because in they're heart there's a growing fire that soon will be blazing and showing absolutly no sign of slackening or dying. they're not quitters, they'll survive the raging storm. We will not falter.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1334457-We-Will-Not-Falter