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I let her fly away.
(when I hear my voice
saying words I speak with heart
the people who don't matter fade
to the background like wallpaper
everything is silenced
as the thoughts begin to roar emotionally
inexplicable they're rendered
not as noise but as a feeling
a one-sided conversation
with myself as only I can hold
knowing what the truth is
knowing it's fitting into place)

whispering the fancy
the thoughts come in too clear
every word I ever spoke
aren't the same ones that you hear
you loved with grace and passion
patiently trying to let go
all I did was stray too far
what else did I know
like a butterfly you swooned
into my web of pain
when I brushed it all away
you weren't one to retain
now the open air is your world
with the sky your big playground
even when it rains you smile
inside I can't be found

like looking for a lost child
...looking for an old friend
covering an open wound never to reheal
...fighting until the end

I could only say so much
you will never hear enough
of all my undertakings
I didn't think this would be that tough
the winks and the smiles
golden in my charming ways
a book without a cover now
pages worn and binding frayed
you can think I didn't try
even if I thought I did
I knew I wouldn't handle
everything that's gone unsaid
I'll go back to using time
just staring back at space
writing you my greatest thoughts
in hopes that they'll fall into place

like looking for a lost child
...looking for an old friend
covering an open wound that'll never heal
while I fight until the end
I'm sorry for what I caused
I'm sorry for all I've done
now I'm here and I know it's my fault
should've asked myself beforehand
...what have I begun

like a butterfly you swooned
into my net of change
when I looked the other way the clouds had broken
you had flown away
as steady as a snowflake
as unique as their angles
happy in your world you play...I'm sorry...
I try to rest equally as tangled...
as you
as you...
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
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