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by Aleta
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Something I wrote several years back when my faith was tested.
Trusting God

We all come to a place sooner or later, where our faith is tested. This is part of being
God's child and growing in Him. How we cope and live through this testing is what really counts.

Usually, when God shows us a plan for our lives, we believe Him and begin our walk in faith. Doubt and unbelief come into play when we use the famous "why" question.
We start analyzing,  by asking God," How are you going to do that, Lord?", or "why would this happen?",  "when God when?"

These questions we ask our Lord are perfectly normal. We should all be able to seek God and ask Him anything.

When questions and rationalizing overtake our faith however, we need to start praying. We need to ask ourselves,"Do I believe God or not?" It is important that we realize we don't have to understand why God does what He does to believe Him. We don't have to have all the answers, as we like to think we do. Yes, God does like truth seekers and He will answer those who seek Him, but He will reveal all things in His appointed time not ours.

Along with faith, patience sticks her head in the picture, causing us to wait
this is the hard part. We live in a fast paced society that teaches us to hurry, with no time to spare, much less actually wait. Some may wait longer than others. I believe this depends on how willing we are to let go and allow God full control.
The closer we get to God's promise for our lives, the harder the waiting becomes. Easier and easier it becomes to give up and feel sorry for ourselves for a bit,but this is where we often damage ourselves. This can actually make us wait longer.
God gives many responsibilities along with many blessings. He isn't going to give us our full blessing until we are truly ready to receive it. How do we get ready to receive our blessings? You guessed it, by waiting and growing in faith.

If God has shown you a part of His plan for your life, and you feel it will never come to pass, I implore you, don't give up! Stand firm in faith! Take in a big breath of The Holy Spirit and believe!

For Our God is not a liar. He can't lie, it is not His nature. He will not promise you something and then not deliver! He is God and can do all things with your faith.

That's all we really have to do -- simply believe Him. We all get caught up and try to do the work for Him. He is not asking for our help just our faith. Just to believe and hang on.

When rationalization and analyzing come into play, kick them off the scene immediately! You will save yourself a great deal of waiting. Instead try saying," who cares?" to the why and how.
Just say,"ok Lord I do believe you"

Aleta Sowards
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