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Will she learn...
relaxation resting unsure uptight
warming to the belly of the trout
that wishes to fly
separating and assorting the souls again
getting in the way
wanted to find the newest place
wanting to find a better peace

is she certified autistic
artistic in the slightest movement
gliding like an instrumental
background of a movie known to millions
unheard by me
cannot do not
wish to know the theme anymore
only to be awed
sharply slyly and in all honesty
from a distance
her pink sky shifts
moving as the clouds drift
shading her deeply

a christ who doesn't know
who cannot speak
for fear of faulty or false interpretations
a slap as shocking
unrelenting yet unprovoked
taken from out of nowhere
know where
missed the calls missed the signs
no longer a point to argue
just to cast off
no need to question
no one sees differently
everyone thinks and knows better for sure
only scabs left on the hide can dictate
only scars left behind will continue the story now

lots to learn in little time
in the past of her own breakings
trying to uncoil
won't be recaptured
into what appears like someone else's
unaware she's not being lured
unaware of the same rosier paths
similar skies
pink in the middle
done all the way around

keeping a head up all the time
raw still trying to shine
maintaining everything in line
not seeing the balances she remains
too interested in what she refuses to find

hopefully someday she'll fly
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