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This is the first poem that i have added to this site. Hope you like it :)
I felt only disgust for all these years
Thinking of all the people that I forced into tears
All the lives that I had carelessly severed
And all the hardships their family’s endeavored

The only thing I thought about what I wanted
Five grieving families and my ambitions, undaunted
I came through the window, unlatched and inviting
The feeling I had can’t be explained in writing

I guess it was happiness, the most that could be felt
When I finally let go of my thick leather belt
I laughed as his body fell to the ground
I smiled as his heart ceased to pound

But my fuel had not run dry, I needed a new life
So I went quickly after his shivering little wife
It didn’t take long, for she was so weak
All she did was squirm there and shriek

But my night wasn’t over, for I thought I could hear
A little boy upstairs, without any fear
He yelled and he swung, as he tried to fight back
As I took him by the feet, and threw him in a sac

I needed something to keep me excited
Something to keep my happiness ignited
When I came home, I was brimming with anticipation
For soon, the boy would be an artistic creation

I rushed to the trunk, and got out my keys
Once it was finished i would finally be at ease
But suddenly i found myself slammed against the car
As I heard police sirens ringing from afar

I saw the police badge pinned on his shirt
Just before he wrestled me into the dirt
Soon ten more rushed up to tackle me
They had finally ended my killing spree

And so that was my story in how I was arrested
Who would have thought of the tracker the boy had nested?
And so it was the parents that saved that little boy
And so it was the parents that robbed me of my joy 
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