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Breakdown of reality; self, the world of nature, society, karmic matrix.
  Seeing as far as any one limited man could see into the reality that moves effortlessly all around me. One day, (as I began to ponder my interaction and relation to it) I took notice of a trinity in this world of myriad things. Three definite aspects of reality that we are all aware of, have in common, and share; the I, the we, and the world. These three aspects of Gods manifestation are tied together, creating a type of karmic matrix, or spiritual domain through which one can either be liberated or condemned. Intricately interconnected, this idea though seemingly simple, is very complex and the breakdown of it will take a bit of effort on my behalf; for the reader I'll do the best that I can.
  Generally the most submissive aspect of creation; the self, is a composite of the natural world (your body, instincts and so forth), the Social world (culture, religious background, customs, some habits, ect..), and the karmic or spiritual world (ideals, personal views, dreams, individual interpretation of information, and on...). Every individual is heavily acted upon by society; for many unbearably so. Society makes many demands of each and every one of us, often times, most times, with no respect for the individual it acts upon(Alpha Sin). Much of what is very natural to an individual is granted no access into reality by many social bodies. Causing the individual to become more and more invisible, and unaware of it's self , as it grows and learns predominate societal customs. Individuals then become more and more unnatural, and alienated from the natural world that in turn has less and less meaning.(Observation based on current times and predominate American cultural values mainly).
  Ironically the social world is nourished predominately by the world of nature and the individuals that compose the social body, this is also the most aggressive aspect of creation as both the individual and the natural world are easily consumed, repressed, or exalted, by the social cluster. Historically this makes for a very interesting and fulfilling study of cultures, religious backgrounds, dynasties, and the evolution of these; as of late, all I can say is, God please help us.( Refer to last paragraph).
  The natural world... the most dominate aspect of creation (or perhaps what should be, democratically speaking, the most dominate aspect of creation), we barely ever notice most of us. However the natural world plays a huge role in the evolution of every culture world round, and at what rate cultures evolve. I believe that a through understanding of these three aspect of creation would be greatly beneficial in respect to psycho-spiritual healing and evolution.
  The karmic matrix, or spiritual domain, is the magnetic energy field  that exist all around us due to the friction created between these later three aspects of creation. This field is constantly being manipulated by mindful and mindless action, and reaction, to the internal, and external stimuli of every living being. Human beings are the only creatures who can free themselves from their base animal natures by practicing their free will meditatively, and in some cases intuitively. Thus, with purpose we can manipulate this matrix. To manipulate without purpose may indeed be the only degradation a human can suffer. (Turn the other cheek fits here. Oddly enough). This field is more nature based than many would lead you to believe, it is, it is not made by man, only acknowledged by man. This is why I refer to the natural world as the most dominate aspect of manifestation, through nature we learn of this invisible reality that is, and is not.
    The self acts as a conduit. From birth every human person starts absorbing information from these three portents of reality. These three portents not only exist alongside each individual but are also all any individual can be. We embrace and so we become, and express our evolving beings to that which encourages our evolutions. Dream of the Gnostic serpent eating its own tail and you'll see that it is a perfect representative image for this very natural process.
    Meditation allows a person the opportunity to see what it is consuming, and so what it is becoming. Acquiring this knowledge affords an individual a chance to willfully effect change either for or against its evolution or the evolution of the societal portent. Logical understanding of you own ya or nay, empowers your will with purpose, and that purpose effects the world on every level.

A work still in progress. A book on spiritual healing not complete.

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