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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Adult · #1336136
This may be so werid, but please read it, I think it is f***ed up so it is a good read.
Its My Life

Chapter 1                      Act 1        set: Office

It was my usual workday, when, you will never guess what happened, my boss did not show but I knew why?

This story is shocking a may upset readers to know, it is kind of gory, in that, well you will just have to read on, I will take you back in time, to the day of October 1st 1997,

Yes I know it’s a flashback big deal. Well any way sitting in this office alone, gets annoying so I began to jack off no reason I get bored easy you know all the men do anyway, Ha!

It was me alone yes, Sunday alone, how sad am I, sitting in my office, doing up accounts, no I am a doctor, yes I know fancy, but I earned my placement here as, well head of office, my hours suck you know, well all the men know anyway, I was so stiff in this office chair, yet again, I am alone. Until footsteps, yes, it may be important, No it was my boss Alexander. D. Donald. The poor chap was drenched to the skin, he was in the gutters, you know sad. He has just lost his son, so you know how he feels, only 18 the poor kid.

It was not long until he walked over to greet me as the new, head of office, that’s what I thought, yes I was!

Chapter 2            Act 1        Set: Park

The park on a Monday evening stroll, really bored me senseless, yes I know it was kind of predicable, my boss was walking also, as a gentleman, I went over to him. He ignored me, strike 1,

I kind of have anger issues so until someone hits strike three, I cannot lash out. If someone does something nice for me I remove a strike if they have one, Dam, I really felt angry. Not only did he ignore me he just walked on home. I know where he lives now.

1673 Temple manor highway,
Border line 4,
State Texas 101,
Street High,
Dublin 64x.

That bastard would soon learn to never cross me, Shane. T. Williams, Strike 2.

If I was to be in any more anger, I would of killed someone, yet I reached into my overcoat a pulled my John Player Blues from my pocket, and a lighter. And smoked one, for good luck on his poor soul.

Chapter 3      Act 1    Set: Collage Green

Today was another, boring day of school I am 21 and I am still in school, you know 7 years and then I am a real doctor, most of the students in my class are very well implicated with high class jobs like mine.

We have to books and fees aren’t cheap. I was so bummed Cathy my partner for Lab class was out, and I got stuck with the dump guy, Haelm, he is really good looking I thought I fancied him, no it was not to be, I am going out with Bull Crane, lovely chap, if it was not for Bull, I would of gone into Haelm, yet destiny was against me.

Great how love works, I love him, he loves me. Dirty it is, and I know do not say it, you can understand my, ways of getting around. I have blood on my torn clothes anyway.

Great how love works, I love him, he loves me. Dirty it is, and I know do not say it, you can understand my, ways of getting around. I have blood on my torn clothes anyway.

Pulling the organs out of someone is not fun unless you can hear them shout in pain. Or hear their tormented yells of agony.

The smile that came to my face was soon gone when my teacher Mr. Akira, said class in to my room. I was not bothered to strike him. He is a total idiot anyway if I killed him I would get thanked for it. I mean I could shoot him with a shotgun in the head and get thanked for it.

So I ignored him, that’s me however, strange.     

Chapter 5              Act 1              Set: Office 
As you know today was midweek, Wednesday tonight the big news, my boss was stared at me, weirdly by him. He just had annoyed me. So I went back to the office when he came in to the pub. So I think he followed me back, you know to check up on me. It was however the last time he would look at me.

I picked up my silenced magnum .365, one shot kill. So he walked in, slowly walked to my desk, then he called my name and, well this was going to be his worst nightmare.

I wanted to shoot him, honestly I did but my gun was out of bullets, so I put the gun back in my pocket, still standing in the shadows, he could hardly see me,
I felt he knew I was here though, yet again he called out, that was it, that bastard was getting popped by my gun forgetting I did not have bullets I pulled the trigger,

Shane, BOOM!

What have I done?          

Chapter 1          Act 2        Set: Park

Well after shooting my boss, I began to think, oh my fucking god, why did I do this, what about his family?
What about me? Oh no, why did I do it? Come on, I dragged my bosses carcass into a body bag, and put it in the boot of my car. I went back to clean up any evidence left of murder, you know I watch C.S.I to get information on things like killing people, Anyway.

I went back to where this all began,

Ford Park,
Main Sector,
Area 121,
Dublin 64x,

The body by now began to well smell like, well a dead body. The park was a banded, at 3 in the morning, what did I expect. My life was flashing before my eyes, so was me going to jail. But now I had no choice, hoping that if anyone finds it they won’t make a big deal out of it.

So I dumped his body in the lake after tying a cinder block to the body bag, good riddance, well I was a murder now wasn’t I?

It was really now or never as Elvis would say. Was I going to give myself up?
Chapter 2      Act 2    Set: Collage Green

It was an ordinary day here on collage green, but that is because they don’t know, and will never know, I will make it sure. However the cops came to our collage to give us talks about Halloween, you know don’t drink and be near fireworks, it leads to gory outcomes, I was not in any rush to get home so I decided to stay on collage green with the lads.

Overly interested in their horses in the bookies, I decided to have a smoke. To salute that man I had just slaughtered by hand. I am overly dramatic, but if you are keeping up with me here, well fair play to you. I am sort of lost myself. The lads said, you can drive Shane, yes with my snarl after it, cool, Dog and duck it is,

The Dog and Duck is one of those so called family pubs, you know, give the kid a coke and sit back and enjoy your whiskey, the lads loved going upstairs, that’s where all the action is, I do not really care. I do not drink, it is not my place to say I hate that pub, but god I hate that pub.

The lads where you know having a bit of a laugh as we left collage green, in my car slowly, as I approached the main gate the guard was not, well it was a look I know I have seen somewhere before.

Yes my bosses stare.

Chapter 3      Act 2      Set: Dog and Duck

It was not a usual dog and duck day, Marie are sever was a bit horey looking and the bar tender was a bit of a brute. Well upstairs isn’t as much as a laugh as the lads maid it out, but I had a good time anyway. Mike said hey Shane I have a killer appetite, I said I am not a killer, no a killer appetite, so I order us some food, you know the usual pub food.

The dog and duck was starting to clear, and that bar tender was eying me up. I guess I do look a bit shifty wearing black out, but it was my style I always wear the black.

That is my style, who asked you anyway, lazy brain leave me out of this, I did not know why but I had a terrible headache, and I went to the bathroom, the bar tender was watching me go, that is when it happened he raped me. Not the most pleasant thing but I felt embarrassed and violated, well yeah I know I have got raped by a bar tender, he gave me 200 euro to keep my mouth shut.

My night had just gone from bad to worse if that was even possible how could my night get worse I had spoken to soon, I walked into the lounge where now what was white walls had blood all over it. The lads had begun fighting I should of known never leave 3 drunken lads alone.





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