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This is about how we see things and sterotyping.
Do you look at someone and stereotype? Are you the type of person to walk past a garden filled with gorgeous, sweet-smelling flowers and not take notice of the beauty they create? …

How we see things is very important to our decisions, first impressions and judgments we make.

Everyone on some level has a tendency to take things on ‘face value’ and deter from looking deeper and digging out the inner detail that lies in everything - the real beauty!

Why can’t we all just see things how children do? Children have the most unique way of observing things for example: a bird flying or a petal from a flower fascinates them, yet we as the mature generation dismiss it as being so trivial and not worth our time.

A child could easily run around trying to catch a butterfly for hours on end, yet we waft it away … and this is my point. We should just take the time to appreciate the smaller finer things in life that make life so beautiful!

On a different level, stereotyping is bad and in my eyes getting worse. Yes I do it, but I have realised and changing it. I aim in this piece of writing to make others aware also and if they wish, change.Change is for the better.

1. If a person walks down the street wearing dark, baggy clothes and long hair with plenty of eye make-up we call them ‘goths’ or ‘emo’s’ – stereotyping.
2. If a person walks down the street with McKenzie clothing or sad looking clothes why does that make them ‘chavs’?

I find it amazing how for the majority we all are categorised and thrive on being in our comfort zone with people of the same styling and interests as ourselves. However, who says that someone from another ‘group’ so to speak, would not be interested in you also? Who says that ‘groups’ can’t mix?

Personally, I am classed as a ‘surfy girl’ but being grouped is something I don’t like and so I mix with anyone and everyone. This is one of my strengths and makes me feel versatile and as though I’m not stuck / tied down.

If everyone were to ignore the outer appearance of people and just take the time to get to know personalities as priority then we would all feel so much self content and happier, we would have more friends and friends are your world.

As for seeing things in general on a deeper level and just appreciating more than the average is something that brings relaxation as well as a new, fresh, rejuvenating perspective on yourself and life.

Don’t you ever want to lie down in a bed of daisies with a friend and make shapes out of the clouds in the summer? I know I’ve done it and it feels so great, and this is an example of just being, just sitting and absorbing the golden rays of sun on your skin with all day at your disposal.

So, this is just another one of my thoughts and I hope you read this and take it on board, even if you don’t act on it, at least you are aware.

Thanks guys

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