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The cat was hungry.
The cat was not happy. She waited outside the boy’s bedroom door. She meowed as loudly as a cat can meow. She swished her tail back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, and meowed some more. And waited some more.

If she hadn’t been so hungry she wouldn’t be so unhappy. She wouldn’t be sitting here outside this door that was not opening and not opening and not opening and swishing her tail back and forth and meowing as loudly as a cat can meow. Her food bowl was empty. It had been empty for a very long time. A very long time! The boy always fed her. The boy’s mom always made him feed her.

The cat went into the den. The food was there. The dog didn’t eat it. The dog looked very unhappy. The dog had been barking and barking and barking. The food was right there. The cat went up to the food and sniffed it. It smelled fine! What’s wrong with that dog? She took a small bite. It tasted fine. She pulled off another long strip of meat. The dog wouldn’t look at her. Dogs are so strange. The mom tasted fine.

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