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Based on a novel I am writing, Called relations of Hitler.
It was 2004
Chapter 1
In this year I met my darkest fear my long lost brother Alan. Alan, well he was odd. You know a real weirdo, that kind of odd. He would never talk he never eat a lot he was a robot. You know a real well you get the idea. This was his thirtieth birthday, god save us all. You would kind of fear, him becoming a teenager. I would anyway. It was so scary just to think of it.

It was easy getting to know him. But you would never see him out with friends or anything; I would hate to be him. You know, I just do not have his kind of mind. It may sound annoying but I can’t stand his attitude, I really hate to be the adult, but if I do not act he would properly, die. Yes.

Yes, that’s what I heard wondering why he was shouting, I entered the room, their he was with a hammer breaking his bed. My mind first of all filled with rage. And then I calmed down my brother may be insane but I am not so I can control this situation. As a mature person I walked into the room.

He looked at me like, I was a madman, yes says the one with a hammer. You’re brave to walk in on smashing time, he said, me, what is smashing time? Where? I have the timetable on the door idiot. Oh! Well I did not know an insane child that keep on a timetable.
What a dork.
Chapter 2
In the morning, maybe 2 o clock, his parents arrived, yes, he was adopted, poor family. Mr. Parker he looked at me, yes, I replied, Mr. Jefferson isn’t it, yes son €14.50 thanks for minding your brother, well your adopted brother. Thanks this is too much; no you keep it, and thank you.

It was not like I had never seen this much money but it was only 3 hours, you know €4 an hour, if my calculations are correct that is €12. Well I am not complaining because
I am getting it off these losers.

In the cinema, on Friday night did mark go? Why? No reason. Mark and myself were meant to go to the cinema on Friday, well he did I went to the opera I love it kind of gay.

That was not the correct term to use on a man; it was a bit nasty to use the word gay. The man who was meant to give me an interview never showed, I felt like cursing well, I felt like it did not you know in anger, I kind of go ballistic or insane, like my brother.

There is more I could tell you, after sending my brother to the camps, I felt bad 1944 was a bad year for me but at the end of the war I went to go see my brother at the labour camp, my brother you have guessed is a Jew, your average Jew. He was going to be okay son said the man I knew better, but I nodded in shame.

Chapter 3
Now that 1944 had gone, I had heard Adolph was on the run from Stalin, well heard. I am kid of a fascist, like I would never consider calling myself a nazi, but I was fascist. You know I hated Stalin.

Well my brother I again was told to be okay, yet again I knew the truth of that letter. I could not believe I ratted him to the forces, my own brother, but he is a Jew, I did the right thing.

My own brother, in the camps, because of me, I felt like a complete moron and felt like killing myself. You know like in the films all dramatic like, you know. All the people in my street hated me they all loved my bro, he was like everyone’s bro, you know.

The community made me feel so ungrateful; we would of never done that, yet though they lied it still hurt me inside. Not only emotionally but also physically, you know. Like a bee sting, it just hurt.

Well I must confess I am lying to you, I made up going to see my brother, and that letter was a attending letter to my brothers funeral in Munich,


Carl. T. Hitler

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