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Halloween Eve in StoryOak Downs.
                                            All Hallows Eve

It has been shrouded in mystery for centuries. All Hallows Eve, my favorite night of the year. Evil spirits lurk on Halloween, and you must protect yourself against them.  This year I have choosen to go to the town square as a black cat.  My costume has lots of sequins and black tights with a cats-eye shaped mask that just covers my eyes and cheeks, I am so glad it is not too cold because I have only the tights, a short black dress and a cape that only reaches to the middle of my back.  As always, I make the best costumes for myself from scratch, making the pattern up in my minds’ eye first.  As I finish putting on my face makeup I see that Bob already has his devil costume perfected.  He looks stunning, as always.  Earlier I had made our own batch of Hot Spiced Wine.  I love this recipe and have been making it for years.  It is heavily spiced with cloves and cinnamon and I love the wonderful aroma.  It already has me feeling all warm inside and ready for the nights’ festivities.

They have been building the bonfire wood pile for the last week and decorating the band stand where a quite passable High School band will play the music for tonight.  Hidden under the bandstand is a tape recorder set up with spooky sounds to accompany the ghost stories to be told before the night is over.  There is always a contest and prizes for the best ones.  If Stephen King ever wandered into our town on Halloween he would feel right at home.

I hear a very low whistle behind me and know that I look fantastic.  While Bob will not always complement me on how I look I know that he’d tell me if I didn’t look ok.  Tonight the whistle tells me I look very good.  Dust is falling and it is time to leave for the Town Square, we don’t want to be late.

The first person we see is J.A. Buxton and awhile about how her next book, “The Home of the Gray Dog” is going.  Judity says it is going famously and I have to agree since I have read up to the present stopping point.  This book is even better than the first one and I say, “Judity, I love this next installment and I must have another autographed copy when it is printed.”  She replies, “Of course, no problem.”  We bid her farewell and progress deeper into the Town Square.

The next person we run into is Alex Griffin and I say, “Hi Alex, I hope you are enjoying “The Legend of the Green Dragon”, you are really moving up the ranks fast.  I am so glad you joined my Clan, you are definitely an asset to all of us.”  “Oh, yes, how is your Hotel business going since you bought The Port Hotel?”  Alex replies, “Great, really great.  I am really enjoying being a business owner and the Hotel is doing a great business.  You know I added a Bakery and Coffee Shop downstairs don’t you?”  I said, “I am so happy for you!  I must drop by for some coffee next week, are you free on Tuesday morning?”  “Humm let me see, yes I’m free on Tuesday Morning, and how does 10 am sound??”  We agree on the time and wave goodbye. 

Major Fyn is just clearing his throat on the microphone on the bandstand and waves the band to stop playing.  “I see everyone has gotten a cup, or two of the mulled cider and maybe a few donuts,” chuckles ripple through the crows at this comment and Mayor Fyn continues, “Good.  It is now time for the lighting of the bonfire and for our first ghost story contestant, Alex Griffin.”

Bob and I have spread out our blanket and I’ve bought a thermal of the Hot Spiced Wine, of course we also have cups of the mulled cider and we settle in for the first of the stories.  This is shaping up to be a wonderful evening.

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