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This is my fealings on Anarchy!
History of Anarchy

Anarchy is a political philosophy or group of doctrines and attitudes centered around rejection on any form of compulsive, idiotic, or idiot ruled government. Anarchy is basically centered on supporting its elimination.

Anarchy in the modern sense is a way of defeating the government. Anarchy is shown in many ways in this modern time. Some of these ways are Music, Graffiti, protesting, vandalism and much more.

One successful form of anarchy was in the Ukraine in 1918. It consisted of farmers and workers working together to build a community and though it lasted but two years it was a two years of peace and subtlety.

So if you really think about it. If you took all the rapists and murders and well democrats out wouldn’t it be nice to be working together, making the society better creating a Pangaea of people. Letting all work together without having Bill Clintons and George Bush’s to screw it all up? Because guess what Bill you did sleep with that women. Anyway wouldn’t it be nice not to burn holes through the o zone and not put shamu in a cage. Only you can do it so get rid of the man man.

In conclusion the purpose of anarchy is to get rid of government to let us all work together to create a Pangaea sort of society. And though sometimes the meaning is fogged by hatred and violence the real meaning is to bring us all together and have it so that there is no need for government. Anyway who needs real war when there are video games?

_Gaige Nale
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