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A study of the feline nature.
Report on females.
Muzzy observation.
Interactivy low.

    Females observed appear to be friendly, but not intrested in
    noncomittal sex.
    Tight pants and high tanktops are popular.
          a) They wish to display their figures; firm bouncy breasts
              and buttox.
          b) Neck nape tatoos and tail tatoos are popular.
    Possible reasons for rear tatooing:
          a) To designate ownership of primary dominate mate.
          b) To signal availablity for sex.
          c) To tease, but not engage in noncommital sex.


          Get a female to my resicendence. Talk humorously about
          sex. Offer food and drink. Begin touching female's breast
          and belly. Continue to talk humorously about sex.
          Attempt to kiss female on her mouth. Slowly remove
          female's blouse and any other covering over her breasts.
          Humorously sudgest moving to the bed for sex. Talk about
          oral sex and genital intercourse: "It's fun both ways."
          Point out swing in cieling and offer to give the female
          the first ride(humorously). Have flavoured lubricants handy
          and many textured condoms. Once orgasm has been
          achieved hug female, speak softly to her and walk her to
          the door. Make certain to get the female's phone number
          for more sex.


          Lady asks Muzzy what is his favorite rock band. Muzzy says the
          Beatles. She laughs and asks for a band from this decade.
          Muzzy nervously says Cher. Lady laughs louder and asks
          if Muzzy is gay. Muzzy tries to be humorous, "Only when I'm
          with you." Lady laughs and walks off into the Fox Run Mall.
          Muzzy watches her buttox jiggle as she walks away and
          wonders where she got those high healed shoes.

    Erotic Dreams:

          A long legged lady with jiggly breasts and buttox walks by
          in high heals and opaque lace nylons with a black silk plunging
          strap neckline slip. She is selling hot dogs from a roling cart.
          I ask for a foot long with cole slaw and relish and ketchup. She
          asks if I have a foot long. I show her my man wagger. She puts a
          bun on it with cole slaw and relish and ketchup. She squats before
          my foot long and bites the bun and toppings off, but leaves my
          wagger intact. I guzzle a @Pepsi and munch on the foot long she
          has prepared for me. She finishes off my foot long: leaving the wagger
          intact and stands infront of me. Licking her lips and fingers, she
          asks for a sip of my @Pepsi. I offer her a fresh bottle.

    Sera Muderrisoglu

          Serra is seated in swivle chair with clip board on her lap.
          She is petite and wears heavy rimmed black glasses. Her
          dress is a plaid button up vest a brown blouse and blue
          skirt with black nylons and simple cloth fitting black foot
          Muzzy is seated in front of her on the floor.
          He reaches out to her left calf and runs his hand up to her
          lower thigh and slaps the outter thigh and then the
          opposite inner thigh.

          Serra shifts her wieght from one side to the other and
          holds her clip board up in front of her petite breasts
          and puts her kness together as she presses the bottom
          of her clip board on the top of her thighs.

          I kneel behind her and place my right hand and forearm
          across her chess over her breast. Then I slowly unbutton
          her plaid vest. Sliding my left hand over her left naked
          breast. I squeeze. Serra is bare chested and her blouse
          is on the floor beside her.

          Serra: I, we would like to ask you about your sleeping habits.
                  How many hours do you sleep a night?

          Serra recovers her clip board and pencil and scribbles.
          She pulls her blue shirt down over her black nylon thighs.
          I gently guide her to stand with the tips of my fingers
          pressing upward under her nipples. A short tug is all
          I need to slip her shirt down to her knees.

          Serra steps to the right of shirt and begins to sit in
          her swivel chair with only her nylons and cloth shoes
          on. I quickly slap her nylon buttox. She stands.
          Holding a clip board in her left hand and a pencil in
          her right; she scribbles.

          Serra: Are you most likely to rise early in the mornings?

          Muzzy: Show me your favorite dance.

          Serra dances side to side swaying her head in a circle.
          She extends her arms, still holding on to her clip board
          and pencil. I reach gently from behind and squeeze her
          nylon crotch. Then, quickly slap her breasts in an upward
          snatch from behind.

          Serra: Do you have waking dreams?

          Muzzy: This is my dream.

          Two slaps to either side of her buttox and her legs are straddled
          and she is holding her ankles.



          When sensual women dance for lustful men

          When pictures look alive

          When ships swim like fish under the sea

          When men fly like birds through the air

          Then all will follow the piper's dance

          And slaves will be paraded through the streets

          For naked revelry.

          Comments: This prophesy contains much symbolism and
          is anything but clear. According to the Mayan calendar the
          world will end in 2012. Is it a coincidence that Conan O'Brian
          will be the new Tonight Show Host in this year? T.V. and
          movies mesmerize the populace. Could the Great Leader
          to come be a talk show host? Why is Britney Spears new video
          so popular? Is this the Lady of dance that St. Jude, the Apostle
          spoke of, "these sensual men will bring the Lady of dance to
          sit upon their laps and parade her through the streets."
          Britney Spears will be a guest on the Conan O'Brian Show.
          She will be paraded through the streets and sit on the laps of
          any T.V. viewer.


          Magnus the hunter

          This world has evolved a humanoid feline race.
          There are dense jungles. The climate is humid and tropical.
          I have captured a cat woman. She appears to be docile.
          She likes vanilla milk shakes. Her name is:
          Comunication is difficult, but food and drink are
          accepted. She has a white spot of fur on her forehead.
          The rest of her is covered in short black hair. Her eyes
          are jade with the characteristic black slit for an iris.
          She purs when I comb her fur coat.
          She is very adgile and we dance the foxtrot.
          Utilizing my knowledge of hand language, I have determined
          that "WoooooErrrrrrRowspit" has a primative tonal speach.
                  1. "Haaaath!" = stop I don't like that.
                  2. "Ewrrrrrrrrr!"= stop it or I will claw you.
                  3. "WowEwrrrrrrrHaaath!" = I will kill you.
                  4. "Purrrrrrrrrrrr"= I like that and you may continue.
                  5. "Meow"= I want food and drink.
          An attempt at dressing "WoooooErrrrrRowspit" in an
          autumn orange dress with white dropping neckline; was
          My guide: Pib has sudjested that I return the feline to the wild
          or have her dressed for shipping to my taxidermist. Pib is a
          fine scout, but lacks sensibilties. I have asked Pib to find a
          mate for "WooooErrrrrrRowspit." He is reluctant, since the
          male species weighs over 600 pounds and is very aggressive.
          I have instructed Pib to set a bamboo sping trap with raw meat
          as bait. He strongly recomends taxidermy.
          My journey here will be concluded within the month. Pib
          has yet to return from his trap setting.

          = + =


          Adam and Eve have fallen from grace. The Garden of Eden is
          blocked from them and the Tree of Life there in.


          We'll what do you want from me now?


          Don't blame everthing on me! Your the man. You know
          everything. Right?


          O'Lord make me another help mate. This one stinks!


        Why don't you go play with your hand? I'll waite a minute.


        Where is Lilith? The Land of Nod is how many miles from


        Go ahead! You wont wake her. Besides she was more
        interested in me.(giggles)

        Adam walks to the Gates of Eden. An Angel appears with a
        flaming sword.


        Cut my head off! I wont spend one more night with that
        woman. She refuses to cut her toe nails! And she stinks!


        Your no daisy; Adam. Go and find a stream to cleanse thyself.


        Maybe, we can start over with Lilith? She did'nt care about


        She is in the Land of Nod. She does not care about you.
        Leave me or I will give you a pestulance.

        Adam runs back to his cave, holding his animal tunic up.


        I made some soup. And I bathed in the stream.(smiles)


                                    Thank God!


        Dating Does and Don'ts,

        1! Never allow yourself to be tied up.
            Sometimes, your partner goes out for cigaretts
            and doesn't come back.(cough)

        2! Avoid Alcohol.. This makes women horny and men limp.
            I was vomitted on by a beautiful Lady. I was handcuffed to
            her sofa. She went to the bathroom and then her bedroom
            naked and passed out. I couldn't get the sofa out the front

        3! Freindly conversation does not mean touching is O.K.
          It's very embarrassing to have a lovely kind conversation.
          Only to discover your not suppose to touch. I like to start
          with hand holding, but this can lead to a half-nelsen Karate

        $4. Money is very important. Mcdonald's meal will get you nothing.

        5? Unless your a perfect sweedish model. You will not have sex with
              a celebrity. Even if you send love letters to Britney Spears and she's
              crazier than me... Britney? May I kiss your straight jacket?
                                        Do they keep your bum bare for easy wiping?

        6. Fantasy is fun, but don't forget to keep it private. .. A slender Lady,
            quite drunk, removes her dress in the front yard. You must be carefull,
            not to appear to be taking advantage of the situation.. Ask another lady
            for assitance, who is more sober.

        7.+ Religion is not a turn on. Unless you worship Statire, the goat.
              Pagans love to have sex. It's required in their worship of life.  :)

              Hmmm, maybe another e-mail to Britney:
                                          May I give you a sponge bath?
                                          With your padded wrists and ankle restrainsts on?
                                          I love a you on a gurney... Sooo submissive.

              Probably, not... gona happen.


          Fantasy is much better.

                Muzzy and Britney on their first date. "This is my spaceship of the
                imagination." Muzzy turns to Britney and gives her a happy meal in
                his car. "I don't think this is L.A.... " Britney slurps her McFlurry..
                "Welllll, I had a friend @FEDX you here." Muzzy smiles with fries.
                  Britney slurps. "May I kiss your face?" Muzzy queeries.. "Slurp."
                  Britney continues. .. Muzzy kisses Britney on the left side of her

                  "That was nice.. Slurp." Britney looks about, "Are we on the moon?"
                  "Nope. This is the Kittery Trading Post parking lot. I like the wooden
                  Indians." Muzzy smiles with kechup on his chin. "I like the moon....
                  It's sooo quite there and there are nooooo people." Britney rolls her
                  head back and pushes the seat down flat.

                  "I like the ceiling ... it's smoooth." Britney runs her finger tips on the
                    car ceiling.... "Hmmmm, I should ask my friend how he managed to
                    ship you... Oh, welll. Will just have to make the most of it." Muzzy
                    slurps his McFlurry and kisses Britney on her neck.

                  "Are you God?" Britney stares in astonishment. "Maybe." Muzzy
                  munches on his cheese burger... "I believe in destiny..... slurp."
                  Britney continued with intensity; "We are here. ..... and God did it."
                  "Yes! There is no other answer... but God!" Muzzy quickly opens
                  Britneys blouse revealing her lushious bounty. "Do you like the moon?"
                  Britney continues; "It's sooooo far away and pale. Is that where God is?"

                  Muzzy, rising from Britneys lushious bounty: "Cough! It's a good place
                  to start!" Britney is now completely naked beneath Muzzy. "Hmf? Slurp.
                  Is that you or the slurpy?" Britney looks down. Muzzy has successfully
                  copulated.... "Hey! No more slurpy in my panties!" Britney wraps her
                  legs tight about Muzzy's hips. "Errrrk. I .... need ... air." Muzzy pushes
                  the window buttons .... "Crushing kidneys!" Muzzy continued.

                  "Is God here? ... Can God see us?" Britney continued to squeeze with
                    steel hard thighs.  "Anyyyyyyyyything issssssss pah-sab-bal!" Muzzy
                    struggles, pressing with both hands on Britney's knees, spilling his
                    slurpy on Britney's lushious bounty. "It tickles." Britney giggles.

                    Muzzy slips free from Britneys slippery slurpy thighs: "Oooo.k
                    Let's go to @FEDX."
































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