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Rated: E · Novel · Action/Adventure · #1337437
Unfinished, but a good start to a kidnapping and powerful story
Fire engines screeched in the distance as eleven year old Jade Gwennese lay unconscious on the classroom floor. No one knew that she was there. No one knew, except Samantha Hibbin. She struggled against the fire-fighters to reach Jade, but they fought back. Finally, she ducked under a red faced fir man and tore off toward the classroom door. Another obstacle waited for her there.

         A triumphant looking man with a muscular shape stood blocking the door. He did not look like a fire fighter.

         “Let me through! There’s a girl in there!” Samantha yelled. But the man just smiled in a bad way.

“Oh no little girl, The Wanted Team is taking care of her.” He sneered

         Samantha did no know what the wanted team was, but she did not like the sound of it. She looked through another window and saw a bunch of men wearing “jail clothes”. 

         Then Samantha saw the source of the fire. The supposed Wanted team was laughing at the flaming library. One turned around and she ducked behind a bench, but she was sure he had seen her whizzing brown hair.

         The fire went out almost immediately and there was someone dancing about six feet above the fully renewed library.

It was Jade.

The wanted team gaped up at Jade. Suddenly music circled Jade. It was beautiful music and she danced perfectly to it. She soared over the school, restoring all the buildings better than new. The firemen’s hoses were turned off. There was no need for them anymore.

         Everybody was in awe as Jade landed peacefully in front of the school. Even the Wanted team didn’t respond to the armed police now surrounding them.

         Jade didn’t seem to be human. She had silvery wings and glowed blue. Her eyes had turned bright blue instead of the usual dull blue. Many of the boys had a look of excited interest on their faces.

          There was complete silence. I know, they say that’s impossible, but there was, complete silence. Jade landed about an inch from the ground and Samantha noticed a clothing change. Instead of her tennis shoes she had on pure white slippers and the most beautiful red dress ever seen.

          Teachers rushed to her and fussed over the scars on her cheek.  Once again, Jade did not respond. She was watching the street very intently. Suddenly, two cars crashed in the exact spot she was viewing.
“Cool! Awesome! Oohh!” the boys cheered.

Could she see the future? No, that was too original. Jade wasn’t a fairy tale. Jade slowly rose above the cars and injured passengers and quickly danced the damage away.

         A minute later the drivers were stepping into their cars and thanking Jade. Once again, she did not respond.

“How rude!” mumbled a disgruntled looking driver.

Slowly, she dropped onto solid ground. Her wings and glow disappeared.

         She walked into her classroom acting like a normal child.

“Odd, very odd, I think I have found Virgo’s new little maid!”  No one heard the undistinguished voice.

         Jade didn’t come home that night. She had been the last one out the door from erasing the whiteboards and checking with her teacher for the wild reporters that had been raiding the school for her. Right as she left the school grounds, she was knocked out with the butt of a gun and dragged into a dusty, old, black truck.
“Janice! Where are they?”
“They just caught her sir.”

          Virgo was very annoyed. Dying of evil doing wasn’t easy.

“If you just became truly good, you wouldn’t need her?” whimpered Janice.

“Did I ask your opinion?” roared Virgo.

Janice scampered away.

         One of Virgo’s men was on watch when the black truck pulled up to the deserted town.

“They’re here!” he called
Right after he said that, he fell down dead.  Janice, paying no attention to the watchman, stumbled over to meet Jade and the others. She pushed Jade into a dungeon like room with nothing but a sheet and a black window.
“No use climbing through that window,” she sneered, “there’s a pretty python out there. We forgot to feed it today.”
As she shut the door and locked it firmly, she fell down dead.  She had dealt with Jade, someone so pure of heart, just like the watch man.  Don’t ask about Virgo, he has nine lives, five left.
After awhile, Jade decided to clean the window.  Hey, it was something to do.  She peeked out the window for the python.  She did not see one, but decided not to run away, just in case.  Besides, she had no idea where to go.  Since the window was clean, she took a look at the view.  It was rocky and dappled with bushes, if you could even call them that.  They were bare and sad.  She got down on the hard, cold floor and watched a huge bug crawl around the sheet she has as her bed.  She scotched away at the thought of a scorpion. 
*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
Jade’s parents were frantic. After getting the news of the fire and Jade’s performance, they went wild. When she didn’t come home, they lost their minds. They’d heard of Virgo and his need for help, but they never thought that their precious daughter would be considered up for grabs.
By 9:00 everyone in town knew that Jade was missing. The town electrician left a tracking devise, no use for them, as they had no way of getting the receiver to Jade. The crazy librarian gave them a book named “When you know the World is ending!” 
*    *    *    *    *    *    *      *    *    *
         “Jamie,” growled Virgo, “I want the girl here. Get her in proper clothes. She will be here in exactly one hour, starting… now!”
“Yes sir, in a blue satin dress?” Jamie scarcely voiced.
“I have no idea what satin is, bring her in blue, yes,” frowned Virgo.
“As you wish,” whispered Jamie.

When Jamie walked into Jade’s dungeon, Jade practically screamed bloody murderer.
“Calm down child, put up your hair and slip this on,” squeaked Jamie, thrusting a hair-band and dress to Jade’s quivering chest. “Be standing there in an hour and look halfway decent.” Jamie tried to sound scary, but she was far from it.
While Jade was putting up her long, lush hair, she noticed something on the middle of her back. It was a tattoo. Well, almost a tattoo. It was of two silvery wings. Her eyes opened wide as she saw flashbacks of the top of a flaming building, a crashed car, a dress, and scary men. She flopped to the ground, crying.
“Jamie, will you go get that girl,” Virgo rolled his eyes at Jamie’s fruitless attempt to get through his iron doors. “The other way, Jamie!”
“Oh, sir, I’m so sorry. It’s just that I’m new and my mother never showed me this place and…”
“Enough jibber-jabber, girl! You can see that no one shows pity for that Janice of yours,” jeered Virgo. “now go get her!”
Jade was sitting quietly in her room, braiding her hair when the frightened Jamie came in.
“He wants to see you now,” Prompted Jamie.
Jade nodded. She knew that Jamie was just about as afraid as she was. Jade hoped that they would plan an escape together, and later, her thoughts improved. Jamie did seem about ten years older than Jade, but age didn’t matter to them at this point.
As she followed Jamie down the corridors, she noticed repeats of things, thinking thoughts like “I’ve already seen that picture before,” and “there is no way that exact formation of a crack is here three times.”
Finally, trying to spark conversation, she said, “DajaVu.” Somehow, she managed a chuckle. It was a forced chuckle though, not one that she and her spirit filled friends would give. Jamie looked at her with a slight smile. Realizing her expression, she quickly looked away, cricking her neck.
As the enter Virgo’s throne room, Virgo insisted that Jade bowed. Jade resisted the ringing in her ears from his deafening call.
“I have a task for you, it’s simple, you heal me, then you die, or serve me,” offered Virgo.
“Why should I? I’d be wasting my time supporting you!” Jade sneered.
Jamie slowly backed away, muttering, “This will be a rough day.”
Virgo was completely in rage when Jade kept making snide remarks and tying to be the boss of him into letting her go, but he knew better than to let her run off.  She would tell the police, and hear their laughter, then run home to her mother and father, who would probably call their layer to sue him. Finally, in some way or another, he would be in trouble in some stupid way that he was to lazy to want to deal with.
“I will allow no smart-mouthing here,” howled Virgo.
“Well, at least you have some manners,” smirked Jade. She was showing and extremely powerful amount of bravery, but inside, fear was crackling hungrily.
*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
         Casey, Jades older sister came home from California all the way over to Virginia to see her mom and dad in their nice little town house on Apple Tree Drive with her fiancé Mark.
         “What do we do?” moaned Casey.
We’ll just need to call the police first I guess.” Mark scratched his chin thoughtfully. The police scoffed at the silly idea that Virgo had kidnapped some little girl with magical powers and hung up.
         “Plan B…” Casey yawed.
         “What’s that?” quizzed her father.
         “Thinking up plan C”
*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    * 
         It was raining in the large town. Jade was lying in her room Jamie by her side, secretly hiding from Virgo and tending to the scars the dogs had left on Jade, the scars Virgo had forced onto her.
“Jade, what’s that on your back?” questioned Jamie as she stared at the vivid mark on Jade’s injured back.
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