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by Aleta
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preview of current project. story is finished just have to edit & add detail
..Their relentless chanting continues, pleading with me to come, reminding me repeatedly time is short.

Suddenly I am filled with intense terror. A terror I have never known before as this. Fear that it isn’t only me they beckon there is another: a male. I don’t say man... for the trepidation I feel tells me this is not a man but a creature from the depths of hell the devil himself perhaps.
So... what do they want from me? It cant possibly be the oldest tale ever told a coven of witches summoning the wicked one. Why are the bothering me? Is this even happening or is this another episode as the doctors and family prefer to call them? Unfortunately it is not an episode. It is real.

I don’t know what time or place I am in right now and very doubtful that it even matters but wherever I am this is really happening it is not a dream nor an episode and I’m suddenly having serious doubts about whether any of my ‘episodes’ were not all leading up until this moment.

They begin to grow impatient yet try not to let on. They tell me again I should join them it is my place, it is my destiny. That I will have an eternal existence with them and the one who is waited on. While they are enchanting and their requests are appealing, these are very dark requests. Even they themselves though magnificent to look upon have an unrelenting darkness more eerie than mere shadows, these are mysterious beings indeed.

As my mind starts to contemplate what is happening I suddenly realize they aren’t speaking English or any other tongue I’ve heard in this lifetime but in fact a secret ancient language and not the language of God but rather of his enemy the dark one I realize now that they have been speaking to me this way all along yet I understood it as if it were my native language.

Time must exist to some degree for I feel it running short as do they, I sense them growing more and more impatient with me for not making a choice already. time seems to speed up to an irregular degree unknown to most and I realize these aren’t women. Female yes, but not mortal women and defiantly not immortal women of God. Though they aren’t vampires, they do bear striking similarities.

Though I have no intentions in becoming one of the damned .......
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