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a story about scariest moment
It was a normal, dark night. My mom was at the store. I stayed at home so that when my cousins came I could let them in. I was trying to find something to watch. I saw a show on the Discovery Channel about haunted houses .I watched it even though I hate scary movies. I just watched it because it looked interesting. I never think that the movies will scare me but they always do.

After a few minutes I heard a knock on my door. When I wen't to see who it was no one was there. I was getting scared .I thought I was being haunted. I have always been afraid of ghost every since I was a little girl. When I was little I watched a movie about a women taking a picture of her house and saw a lady standing by it. She found out that the lady lived there as a slave. The lady lived there before her. Every since then I was scared of ghost.

Just then my phone rang. I picked it up and said hello but no responce. That made me thinks of the time when I saw a commercial for a movie. It was about a lady being haunted and the she got a call she poked up the phone and got no response’s was sure I was being haunted.

Right after that as if magic the door flew open. A dark face approached me. I saw my whole life flashed before my eyes then the lights flickered on and off. I ran in my room and slammed the door. I stood agencies the door to make sure it couldn't get in. I felt great force on the door so I hid in the closet. I heard my door open was as quiet as a mouse. I felt a sneeze coming on I tried to hold it in but it was to powerful just knew I gave my self away. I heard laughing so I peaked out of my closet and come to find out. It was my cousins so I asked them that I see how they did the door and the phone call, but I don't see how they did the lights. What lights they asked.'' Do you really think that I'm going to fall for that again''. I said. Just then the lights flaked on and off again. My cousins ran in the closet but I just stayed out and laughed.

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