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The scariest moment of my life was at camp.
Last summer I went to the camp I go to every summer. It is in Wickliffe and is a big brick building that has 4 floors. It has a tennis court, a courtyard, football field, soccer field, a pool, and in the back woods surround it.

I saw all my friends there too. Patrick, Jackie, Alex, Will, Jackson, and Bob. We have gone to the same camp together for about 8 years. One week our camp decided to have an overnight stay in tents. We would sleep in tents in the courtyard.
Me, Alex and Jackie slept in one tent and the boys slept in the tent next to us.

That night we went in the woods at about 2:00 am. We hung out in a fort we built the summer before. It got to be about 3:30 am and that’s when we herd something rustling in the bushes far away. We all thought it was a dear and kept talking. Hats when it got closer to us and we got really scared.

The scariest thing about it was that we could hear it but we couldn't see it! At that time we all started running down the hill and back to our tents.

When we got back to our tents we saw our counselor following us. It turned out that it was her that scared us.

After, she told us to go in our tents and try to go to sleep. It was really scary but the girls and me couldn’t stop laughing about how when the boys ran down the hill they screamed like little girls.
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